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Faith and Work

by Eddie Wang

‘Encountering Jesus’ – Reflections on the Miracle of Intimacy

This post is part of the Patheos Book Club on Encountering Jesus: Modern-Day Stories of His Supernatural Presence. There are no words to describe God’s radical love for his sons and daughters. Perhaps that’s why author James Stuart Bell, like Jesus, has chosen story as his primary medium to convey truth. Reading Encountering Jesus was a [Read More...]

Charting Church Leadership
by Neil Carlson

Paul models resistance to discrimination

It’s clear that justification by faith in Galatians is rightly understood as general and eternal doctrine. But it’s too easy for distant readers like us to perceive a watered-down, bloodless abstraction of the “works of the law”. Paul wrote of a specific conflict with the apostle Peter over discrimination against Gentiles.

Faith and Business 2.0
by Rob Moll

Beggars or Baggers

By Tim Weinhold (originally published, Jan 25, 2017) “Mrs. Hughes, I only want to say one thing — that if you are ill, you are welcome here for as long as you want to stay. Lady Sybil will help us to find a suitable nurse . . . I don’t want you to have any [Read More...]

Faith at Work
by Bill Peel

Southwest Airlines’ Legendary Corporate Culture | An Interview with Dave Ridley

During his 27-year career at Southwest Airlines, Dave Ridley has served as SVP Chief Marketing Officer; SVP People and Leadership Development; SVP Business Development; and VP of Ground (Airport) Operations. Dave retired earlier this year but he retains an office at Southwest and serves as Senior Advisor to the CEO. He also provides keynote presentations [Read More...]

Marketplace Faith
by Chip Roper

Why Your Secular Job is So Secular

(Pic: Why is your secular job so secular? Why does work feel like a space where God is absent? Why does the workplace seem like an alternative universe to the church service you left on Sunday? Over the next several posts, I will explore these questions and how to respond. I’m deeply indebted to [Read More...]

by Mission:Work

Why Napping at Work Might Be a Good Idea

I work from home, so unless I’m on a conference call, I can take a nap where and when I want, without a boss seeing. But would I want to? A recent article in the New York Times makes a case for napping.  Some excellent points, including: Telling people to work on their work-life balance and manage [Read More...]

by Acton Institute

Thomas Sowell on the Origins of Prosperity

By Joseph Sunde “The mundane progress driven by ordinary economic and social processes in a free society becomes dramatic only when its track record is viewed in retrospect over a span of years.” –Thomas Sowell In a recent edition of Uncommon Knowledge, economist Thomas Sowell discusses his latest book, Wealth, Poverty, and Politics, which provides [Read More...]

Profession of Faith
by Sarah Conrad Sours

Professional Integrity in Uncertain Times, Part II

It will not do to remove an incompetent or dangerous political figure by slapping a psychiatric label on him, if for no other reason than that people who genuinely suffer from mental health disorders deserve better.

Purpose in Leadership
by Justin Irving

Leading Emotional Culture in Organizations

Though a bit staggered in the past weeks, I’m in mini-series engaging the importance of organizational culture. I began by engaging Why Organizational Culture Matters (“Why Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”). In that post, I engaged the questions… What Is Organizational Culture? And, Why Does Organizational Culture Matter? Based on answers to these questions I concluded that [Read More...]

by Bob Robinson

Tom Nelson: The Day I Confessed Pastoral Malpractice

“Years ago, I stood before my congregation to make a heartfelt confession. It was indeed difficult to do, yet it would prove transformative for our entire faith community. More than a decade has passed since that day, but I still remember it clearly. Against a backdrop of pindrop silence, I asked the congregation I served [Read More...]

Shrinking the Camel
by Jim Wood

The Evolution of Christian Branding

Remember that fish-shaped thing, that cute little symbol that is supposed to be associated with Christianity? It is called the Ichthys,which is really an anagram made up of five Greek letters that mean “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.” The Ichthys apparently dates back to the first and second century, when Christians had the misfortune of being hunted [Read More...]

The Charlotte Fellows
by Matt Avery

Making our wildest dreams come true?

Beyond meeting basic needs, what motivates you to work? Is there a level of personal wealth are you striving to attain? What will happen when you get there? How will your life be different? What you are working for reveals what you believe about God. Nothing has more direct impact on your day-to-day life than what you [Read More...]

The High Calling
by Marcus Goodyear and Dan King

How to Build a Legacy

by Howard E. Butt, Jr.   Howard E. Butt, Jr., served as president of the H. E. Butt Foundation until 2014. He is the founder of Laity Lodge and The High Calling, and serves as vice chairman of the H. E. Butt Grocery Company. Audio originally shared at

The Pickled Pencil
by Brandon Harnish

What You Need to Know About the Austrian School – Mises U 2017

This is the first full day of Mises U 2017 and it’s reserved for these 7 essential lectures: Lecture 1 – The Birth of the Austrian School by Joe Salerno Lecture 2 – Subjective Value and Market Prices by Jeff Herbener Lecture 3 – Praxeology: The Method of Economics by David Gordon Lecture 4 – The [Read More...]

The Working Catholic
by William Droel

Wages, Part II

Back in 1992 New Jersey raised its minimum wage. Social scientists David Card and Alan Krueger studied its effects. Specifically, they compared fast food restaurants in New Jersey with others in adjoining Pennsylvania, where wages were not raised—a total of 410 restaurants. Their findings, published in the September 1994 issue of American Economic Review (, [Read More...]

Visions of Vocation
by Steven Garber

The Origin of Knowing & Doing

As I left Pittsburgh the other day, I decided to leave slowly, lingering through some of its neighborhoods on my way back to Virginia– so I got off the parkway, and drove through Oakland one more time, stopping near the Cathedral of Learning. For several years I worked and studied here, entering into the PhD years [Read More...]

Work Cited
by Various Authors

Want to be a better leader? Read more literary fiction

By Timothy Askew; reprinted from Inc. with the kind permission of Timothy Askew. Here’s a novel idea.  If you want to improve your efficacy as an empathetic leader of your company, read more literary fiction. Such is the implication of a study that came out of an article in Science a couple of years ago.  The piece [Read More...]

by Gregory F. Augustine Pierce

The Meaning of Work Is Love

Everyone from The Wall Street Journal (“I Don’t Have a Job, I Have a Higher Calling”) to Freedom magazine published by the Church of Scientology (“Millennials Favor Socially Meaningful Work”) are noticing that people crave meaning in their work. That shouldn’t be a surprise. Even Jesus admitted he was something of a workaholic: “My Father [Read More...]