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All-American Muslim
by Exploring what it's like to be Muslim in America.

‘All-American Muslim’ – Suehaila Amen Reflects on the Show

TLC’s “All-American Muslim” is airing its season finale tonight. The episode follows the trajectory of most reality-show season finales — some story lines are satisfactorily wrapped up (hint: Coach Zaban’s Fordson Tractors play a seminal game against their archrivals, Dearborn High), while other cast members near a climax in their personal stories (will Suehaila Amen [Read More...]

Al Mihrab
by Irfan Rydhan

Muslim Media Activism, Circa 1998

In 1998, I had been out of college (UC Berkeley) for 1 year and was living in Oakland, CA.  After a year of working, I decided to join my friend Javaid, who recently got his degree in Radio & TV Broadcasting from SFSU to start a Video Production Company to serve the needs of the [Read More...]The post Muslim Media Activism, Circa 1998 appeared first on Al Mihrab.

by Global perspectives on Muslim life, politics & culture

TRANSCRIPT – Trump’s Speech to Muslim Leaders: This is a “Battle Between Good and Evil”

President Trump made his first speech on foreign soil today in Saudi Arabia, in which he proposed a "coalition of nations" to stamp out extremism, acknowledged the vast number of Muslims who have been the victims of terrorism, called out Iran, and charged Muslim leaders with expelling extremism and terrorism from their nations. This, against the backdrop of months of anti-Muslim rhetoric in his campaign and administration resulting in a documented rise in violence against American (and global) Muslims as well as other groups and one of the largest arms deals signed between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia (a country engaged in a targeted military campaign in Yemen.)

Akram's Razor
by Svend White

The not-so-strange resilience of Takfarism

Check out the article by Sheikh Habib Ali Al Jifri, “Why is there no serious effort to counter takfir ideology?” I’m glad to see this article being run in a prominent Emirati newspaper, as the Gulf is at the heart of this problem. One hopes that’s a sign of some sympathy for real reform, as [Read More...]

Aziz for America
by Aziz Poonawalla

Why I changed my mind about Gorsuch, in 4 tweets

if dems dont filibuster Gorsuch: he is confirmed, next vacancy trump nominates a scalia clone, dems filibuster, GOP goes nuclear /1 — Aziz H.Poonawalla (@azizhp) March 30, 2017 therefore, outcome if dems dont filibuster: gorsuch confirmed, scalia clone confirmed, SCOTUS moves right, senate goes nuclear /2 — Aziz H.Poonawalla (@azizhp) March 30, 2017 if dems [Read More...]

For the Love of God
by Pamela K. Taylor

In the face of terrorism, love

When my kids were young, Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her parents’ home and held captive for nine months. People in my neighborhood starting keeping their kids inside rather than letting them play in their back yards. The probability of their kids being abducted was minuscule, but fear won out over statistics. I was even [Read More...]

Grow Mama Grow
by Marwa Aly

A Page From My Diary: My Children Are My Redemption

  I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I drove my parents crazy from around the time I turned thirteen. Like many young adults, I was immature and self absorbed. My heart aches when I think about the sleepless nights I must have caused them. Every time I pray—five times a day or [Read More...]

by Nadiah Mohajir

A Sexual Assault Survivor Pushes Back

originally published on By Sheerin Siddique Pushback. Unsolicited advice. Threatening jargon. Incomplete information. Unforeseen intimidation. Mischaracterized evidence. Cold isolation. Deafening silence. Unfair commentary. One-sided assumptions. Crude judgments. Never-ending blame. Plain old-fashioned pushback. This is what trickled down when I was “coming out” to the world, especially to the Muslim-American community. I was invited on [Read More...]

by Hind Makki

Ethnicity, Skin, and Language: My Sudanese Identity

Exploring faith, race, and Sudanese identities in Black History Month By Guest Author Mariam Babiker, Ph.D. Growing up in Eastern Sudan, I was never really aware of my identity in respect to the larger diaspora of Sudan and the world as a whole. The perception of a Sudanese or black African identity is unique to those in [Read More...]

Holding the Tension of the Opposites
by Khwaja Khusro Tariq

The Speech Donald Trump Will NOT Be Making In Saudi Arabia

According to National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, President Trump will be giving an “inspiring yet direct” talk about Islam and the need to confront extremism during his trip to Saudi Arabia. McMaster said that more than fifty leaders of Muslim majority nations will be in attendance. He further stated that:  “The speech is intended to unite the broader Muslim world [Read More...]

Islam Ahmadiyya
by Group Blog

The United States and Middle-Eastern Arms Trade — A Closer Look

One of the justifications that is often given for selling weapons to such nations is that it boosts the economy. While true, this is done with a great cost in human lives.

Muslimah Next Door
by Dilshad Ali

Enough With the Melania-Headscarf Headlines

Why is this a new story? A headline? Something we want people to care about? I’m talking about today’s article I’m seeing in various news outlets about how First Lady Melania Trump will not have to wear a headscarf when she accompanies President Trump on his official visit to Saudi Arabia. Or, let me quote [Read More...]

My Islamic Life
by Kristina ElSayed

National Muslim Women Day; Hijab

Lately my daughter has been asking to go shopping for hijabs. Its on her mind. Every time we’ve left to go on a trip for college searches or science Olympiad, she asks, “Is that the city with the cool hijab store?” She’s remembering the shop in Bridgeview. Al Omari Islamic Fashions. Pea remembers 5 years [Read More...]

NbA Muslims
by Layla Abdullah-Poulos

Muslim Men Offer Relationship Advice to Women

by Layla Abdullah-Poulos When I read the Facebook status of Muslim marriage counselors Naaila and Hassan Clay asking Muslim brothers to give relationship advice to Muslim women, I grabbed my coffee and began scrolling. Sure, there are plenty of times that men will freely tell women what they should do and be to “make a [Read More...]

One Ummah, Many Voices
by Sabina Khan-Ibarra

Disappointments and Celebrations

Important Muslim News for May 2- June 1, 2015. It was an eventful past few days of news and events about Muslims, from the anti-Muslim rally (and counter rally) in front of a mosque in Phoenix, Arizona to a prominent Muslim women being discriminated against on a plane to an innocent American citizen being released after spending almost two years [Read More...]

Muslim in the Middle
by Farouk A. Peru

Why The Manchester Attack Is The Worst One Yet

  It is a horrible feeling to wake up to. It was only two months ago, after all, that a terrorist carried out the Westminster attack (I was literally across the river!) so I was lulled into letting my guard down as these attacks don’t come that often. And worse, yesterday’s suicide bombing carried out [Read More...]

Spiritual Appetite
by Wajahat Ali

Koran by Heart: Wajahat Ali

8-29 We are winding down the days of Ramadan, a spiritually potent month in which Allah revealed the Quran. Since this is a month of remembrance, reflection, reconciliation and resilience, Muslim communities worldwide devoted the month to reciting as much Quran as possible and attending nightly tarawih prayers at the mosque, in which the entirety [Read More...]

The Living Tradition
by Kabir Helminski & Friends

The Feminine Power Supporting the Prophets

I was struck by Jim Garrison and Banafsheh Sayyad’s article last year for the Huffington Post: “Muhammad was a Feminist”. It touched on some interesting viewpoints and received a lot of positive and negative responses. And while the article didn’t go into much detail, it stayed with me and left me with another interesting thought: [Read More...]

The Muslim Agorist
by Davi Barker

Bitcoin Zakat to Afghanistan

It’s no secret that I have my doubts about the validity of paper money. I just don’t see how a paper note printed by the Federal Reserve is any different from a paper note printed by Parker Brothers. This has an important effect on how I calculate my annual Zakat. Zakat is an annual charity given [Read More...]

The Rational Sufi
by Muqtedar Khan

Your Pain is our Pain Dear Coptic Brothers and Sisters

Dear Coptic Brothers and Sisters in God, I want to express my deeply felt anguish at the horrible attacks on your community in Egypt. I wanted to let you know that there are many Muslims  who condemn such terrorism in the strongest of terms. Words cannot ameliorate the pain you feel, but know that you [Read More...]

Truth to Power
by Hakeem Muhammad

Reviving the Islamic Agenda of Malcolm X!

Malcolm X’s birthday is over. Muslims everywhere celebrated his life. But when are we going to try and pick up where he left off?  Malcolm X was a man who believed that, “the most fertile area for Islam in the West is the Black American. “ In order to plant and harvest such seeds, this inherently necessitated a [Read More...]