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All-American Muslim
by Exploring what it's like to be Muslim in America.

‘All-American Muslim’ – Suehaila Amen Reflects on the Show

TLC’s “All-American Muslim” is airing its season finale tonight. The episode follows the trajectory of most reality-show season finales — some story lines are satisfactorily wrapped up (hint: Coach Zaban’s Fordson Tractors play a seminal game against their archrivals, Dearborn High), while other cast members near a climax in their personal stories (will Suehaila Amen [Read More...]

Al Mihrab
by Irfan Rydhan

Dubai: A Halal Foodie’s Paradise

I recently went on a family vacation to Dubai and stayed there for a little over 2 weeks.  Dubai is known for many things, including extravagance as well as incompetence, but almost everyone agrees that it is one of the best places in the world for foodies.  Being a “Halal Foodie” myself (someone who only [Read More...]The post Dubai: A Halal Foodie’s Paradise appeared first on Al Mihrab.

by Global perspectives on Muslim life, politics & culture

On Black American Muslim Contributions to the Fabric of Our Society

Over the years, many Black American Muslims have been at the forefront of articulating Islamic thought for the growing American Muslim community. But, this seems to have changed as a dominant narrative has taken over.

Akram's Razor
by Svend White

The not-so-strange resilience of Takfarism

Check out the article by Sheikh Habib Ali Al Jifri, “Why is there no serious effort to counter takfir ideology?” I’m glad to see this article being run in a prominent Emirati newspaper, as the Gulf is at the heart of this problem. One hopes that’s a sign of some sympathy for real reform, as [Read More...]

Aziz Poonawalla
by Aziz Poonawalla

Primary colors, not purple politics: part 1

This is a guest post by a writer who will go by Mozi. This is the first post in a series. Source: national survey by Pew Research Center conducted Feb. 7-12 among 1,503 adults – Summary; PDF There’s a lot to dig into here, but the first chart (see: right) is likely the most important. [Read More...]

create a voice
by Umar Hakim

One word_Encourage.

“Imagine a world without encouragement,” empowerment, or even support. Leadership is an absolute channel to encourage an organization, your community, and/or a society who may feel morally bankrupted. Today, leadership can be a self-proclaimed role – achieved through academia, a social organization, or someone who has a high emotional intellect based on life experiences. In [Read More...]

For the Love of God
by Pamela K. Taylor

In the face of terrorism, love

When my kids were young, Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her parents’ home and held captive for nine months. People in my neighborhood starting keeping their kids inside rather than letting them play in their back yards. The probability of their kids being abducted was minuscule, but fear won out over statistics. I was even [Read More...]

Grow Mama Grow
by Marwa Aly

Six Ways to Get Kids on Board With Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is probably one of the biggest motherhood struggles. It stresses them out. Moms go into healthy mode and look up recipes on Pinterest. They save them to their board and wipe out the kitchen from all the ‘junk food’ and vow to never let their kids breathe chocolate or candy every again. That [Read More...]

by Nadiah Mohajir

Let’s get it On(Line)!

As a taboo subject in the Muslim community, sex is the perpetually avoided dinner-table conversation. At HEART, we believe it’s time to start that conversation. That is why we are raising funds to expand our virtual resource center. We believe that Muslims deserve access to accurate and culturally-sensitive sexual health information. It’s time to finally [Read More...]

by Hind Makki


Exploring faith, race, and Sudanese identities in Black History Month By Guest Author Mona Hagmagid The Iftars hosted by the sudanese community Are my annual attempts at preserving my african roots The smells of Sudan race through the American built public elementary school we rent out on those Ramadan Saturdays. We sit around, eating good food that [Read More...]

Holding the Tension of the Opposites
by Khwaja Khusro Tariq

The History Of The Soul

The Weaver of Parables rose and silence descended on the gathering. His face alone was lit by the fire he stood before; all else was shadow. When he spoke, staring into the flames, the darkness itself seemed to hearken: “The First Men wrote their history in the images that they painted and carved on the [Read More...]

Islam Ahmadiyya
by Group Blog

A Muslim-American Story

by Aamir Quraishy On January 20th, the president of the UnitedStates passed an executive order that banned refugees from Libya, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia from entering the United States. While there have been many stories about refugees, I’d like to share with you the story of my Muslim community and myself. I am a US citizen. I was born [Read More...]

Muslim History Detective
by Precious Rasheeda Muhammad

The Things We Carry in a Time of War and No Peace

Where are the grief counselors for the things we carry When the whole world is portrayed as falling apart in our religion’s name And all some people can do is politicize and police the depth of our sorrow While we struggle to stay sane? Where are the safe spaces to share the things we carry Who are [Read More...]

Muslimah Next Door
by Dilshad Ali

Stay Woke: 15 Women and Men on Why They Marched in the Women’s March

The numbers tell the story: More than 3.3 million people joined more than 500 Women’s Marches across the United States, with estimates showing 1 out of every 100 Americans attended. More than 70 sister marches occurred around the world, even in Antarctica. In fact, there were marches on all seven continents. The Women’s March on [Read More...]

Muslimah In Progress
by Nancy Shehata

When “Bad” Things Happen to Good People

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Peace be upon you, and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings I think every person of faith has struggled with the issue of suffering.  Why do we suffer?  Why must we suffer?  What good is served by suffering?  If you are not currently suffering, if your life [Read More...]

Muslims for a Safe America
by Kamran Memon

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Challenges ISIS

On September 12, 2014, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, a prominent American Muslim scholar, gave a Friday sermon on ISIS. People are clearly interested in what Shaykh Hamza has to say regarding ISIS; the sermon has been viewed on YouTube more than 190,000 times, with more than 1,100 positive and negative comments, in the past month. Shaykh [Read More...]

My Islamic Life
by Kristina ElSayed

Proof of God; Defining Moments

It seems to me that the 2016 election will be one of those defining moments in history, much like Pearl Harbor, or 9/11 or Rabaa. There will be the time before…and the aftermath. The United States will be forever changed. The world as we know it will be forever changed. Our children and grandchildren will [Read More...]

NbA Muslims
by Layla Abdullah-Poulos

#DietWoke: Capitalizing and Branding Social Justice

Social activism is a noble endeavor requiring a substantial amount of time and energy. Most activists dedicate themselves to their causes in varying capacities, make a host of sacrifices, and endure significant pushback to affect change. In addition to the creating and amplifying platforms to engage actual work on the ground, activists frequently need to create [Read More...]

One Ummah, Many Voices
by Sabina Khan-Ibarra

Disappointments and Celebrations

Important Muslim News for May 2- June 1, 2015. It was an eventful past few days of news and events about Muslims, from the anti-Muslim rally (and counter rally) in front of a mosque in Phoenix, Arizona to a prominent Muslim women being discriminated against on a plane to an innocent American citizen being released after spending almost two years [Read More...]

Muslim in the Middle
by Farouk A. Peru

A Foretaste of Infinite Being: Heaven and Hell Of The Present Life

This piece is written as a contribution to NatGeo’s series, The Story of God ‘Oh wow, this cheesecake is just pure heaven!’, I heard a young lady gush whilst at Starbucks a few years ago. I smiled to myself, noting her interesting phrasing, as I perused my Quran. Reading the Quran in Starbucks is one [Read More...]

Quranalyze It
by Rohail Waseem

Why Atheists Caricature Islam: An Insiders Perspective

GUEST POST BY KILE JONES My last couple posts dealt with debunking stupid memes that tried to show the Qur’an is hate-speech towards non-believers and daily inspiration for ISIS. I also wrote a piece on how progressive Muslims and atheists can work together. Now it’s time to clean house and address a very real problem [Read More...]

Spiritual Appetite
by Wajahat Ali

Koran by Heart: Wajahat Ali

8-29 We are winding down the days of Ramadan, a spiritually potent month in which Allah revealed the Quran. Since this is a month of remembrance, reflection, reconciliation and resilience, Muslim communities worldwide devoted the month to reciting as much Quran as possible and attending nightly tarawih prayers at the mosque, in which the entirety [Read More...]

Split the Moon
by Rabia Chaudry

It’s Been Good. Really Good.

This is my last post to this blog, I’ve moved camp to my own site thanks mostly to the encouragement of one Mr. Pete Rorabaugh.  I’ll be blogging now at , so please follow me there for new posts about Serial and Adnan’s case. I have to thank the great people at Patheos for putting [Read More...]

The Living Tradition
by Kabir Helminski & Friends

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Women in His Life

        Dearest M, Where do we go from here? For the last year I have been writing you these letters like a distant admirer. But I don’t want to stay at a remove any longer. I want to be as close to you as I possibly can. And more than that: I [Read More...]

The Muslim Agorist
by Davi Barker

Bitcoin Zakat to Afghanistan

It’s no secret that I have my doubts about the validity of paper money. I just don’t see how a paper note printed by the Federal Reserve is any different from a paper note printed by Parker Brothers. This has an important effect on how I calculate my annual Zakat. Zakat is an annual charity given [Read More...]

The Rational Sufi
by Muqtedar Khan

Can You hear US Now

By Maria Faiola “Can You Hear Us Now?” features six different Muslim women explaining their perspective on what Islam says about women in society. They are all advocates and leaders in their communities and share ways that they try to break stereotypes that many Americans have about Muslim women. The idea for the video began [Read More...]

The Table Spread
by Zainab Chaudry

Scenes from an American Muslim Debate Watch Party

By Zainab Chaudry Monday night’s presidential debate – the first ahead of the 2016 election – is officially on record as the most-watched debate in U.S. history. This isn’t really news to most of us – the stakes are higher now than ever, and concerned Americans are paying attention. Monday evening, millions of viewers braced [Read More...]

Truth to Power
by Hakeem Muhammad

Richard Dawkin’s Islamophobia: A Black Muslim Response

  Richard Dawkin’s Islamophobia: A Black Muslim Response  pt.1 Along with Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennet, and Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins is known to be one of the four horsemen of the contemporary neo-atheist movement. Their criticisms of Islam generally evoke secular enlightenment discourse from whence their worldview of secular humanism emerges. At the core of [Read More...]