Inside Out 2: A Muslim Perspective

Inside Out 2: A Muslim Perspective June 19, 2024

Image courtesy of Disney/ Pixar

Get ready to dive into the creative and imaginative world of Riley’s emotions. If the first movie had you hooked, the sequel will surely make you fall in love. Nine years after the release of part one, Disney Pixar has created yet another masterpiece delving into more complex emotions.

In Inside Out 2, Riley is now a 13-year-old navigating through her teenage years. We start with all the trusty emotions working together, working harmoniously, and creating a strong belief system from good memories in life. But puberty hits her like a wrecking ball through a window, the demolition team steps in and wrecks everything to make room for a new crew of emotions – embarrassment, envy, boredom, and anxiety.  

As the story unfolds, the new emotions take charge of Riley’s emotions pushing all the earlier emotions away. Anxiety, in particular, takes charge of her mind and tries to reshape a new belief system into her mind. But things go haywire sending her into a state where she feels ‘I’m not good enough’ is her new belief. This spirals down into the character of anxiety into a state of frenzy, eventually pushing Riley into having a panic attack. It’s a thrilling ride where all the emotions try to save the day, eventually showcasing all the bad and good memories forming a new belief system and this truly shapes who Riley is. 

This movie beautifully portrays how all emotions are crucial in our lives. And this weaves together to form our belief system and personality.

Here are a few takes from the movie that I love:

Every emotion matters

Each feeling whether joyous or sorrowful, contributes to our overall personality. Even feeling anxious sometimes is also important to give you a perspective about the future. But a lot of this emotion can also cause a wreck.

Never let your negative emotions rule

It’s crucial to never let your negative emotions take the driver’s seat. Whenever you feel negative emotions, it’s important to be kind to yourself and take a step back, Breathe, and get your perspective right. 

Balance is the key

Suppressing good feelings when negativity takes over can lead to imbalance. This is where self-care comes in, take some time out from your life and do what makes you happy. 

A Rich Tapestry of Memories

Our belief system is a combination of all the good and bad memories. And spirituality plays an important role in shaping our belief system. A strong belief system is very important as this can drive your emotions as well. 

How does Islam’s belief system help maintain mental wellness?

Islam gives significant importance to mental wellness and perceives an intricate connection between body, mind, and soul.  The teachings of Islam guide on maintaining your mental wellness. 

Some of the few key spiritual beliefs and practices in Islam


Tawakkul means an unwavering faith in Allah (SWT), the most supreme. Putting your trust in Allah and believing he has got your back. And believing good and bad happen by the will of Allah. This strong belief helps keep us positive through tough times. 


Sabr means patience. We as Muslims believe that we are tested by Allah in this world. And having sabr when a calamity strikes, is a highly regarded virtue. Sabr helps you stay cool, calm, and collected. 


Shukr means gratitude. Practicing gratitude helps you appreciate the blessing you have and look at the bigger picture. 

Some spiritual practices that help maintain it are


Prayer or salah in Islam is a form of meditation. Regularly offering prayer will maintain your stress level and build a connection with Allah(SWT).


Dhikr means mindful reciting on repeat. It is the practice of remembering Allah, often through reciting specific phrases, helping you stay centered and serene.


Dua or supplication is one of the fundamental beliefs of Islam. Turning to Allah(SWT) for help and guidance helps you stay calm. Certain duas are made when feeling negative emotions. 

Dua for Anxiety and sorrow

Skylight’s mission towards improving mental wellbeing

In collaboration with Patheos,  – a spiritual wellness platform is working towards a mission to improve mental well-being in youths through the lens of spirituality. The Skylight app is helping many individuals with their affirmations, daily prayers, yoga, and meditation videos in maintaining inner peace. Skylight is available on the go with their website and app available and feel peace at any moment of the day. 

In the movie’s final scene, as anxiety is reeling into the catastrophic train of thoughts, Joy steps in like a superhero guiding her into a special chair and saying ‘“None of that is happening right now. So why don’t we take a seat in our special chair? We can’t control whether Riley makes the team, but what can we control?”  And guess what? This is what the people at Skylight are doing for you acting like Joy to anxiety. They will help to calm you down, control your breathing during anxiety & panic attacks, and also find peace. So take a seat, relax, and let Skylight help you towards self-healing and peace. 

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