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A Mosque the Prophet Would Recognize

With the Islamic Society of North America's newly-launched initiative for women-friendly mosques, a new era in mosque inclusiveness and design is beginning, says "Hindtrospectives'" Hind Makki.


On Motherhood: 22 Things on Having Two Babies Under Two

By Fatimah Popal 1) Don’t call your daughters a princess. They’ll believe you only to realize years later it was all a lie. I am not living in a palace full of chefs, an au pair or two, gardeners, chauffeurs, butlers and maids, or personal dressers. Instead, I am the commoner providing these services to [Read More...]

We’re moving to!

We’ve had a wonderful time as part of the Patheos community, but have moved back to our own website as of today:! Please update your reader and stay tuned for more great literary columns and exciting announcements! Thank you!

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