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Holding the Tension of the Opposites

Remembering Junaid Jamshed

Singer turned Muslim scholar/activist Junaid Jamshed, beloved by so many Pakistanis and more around the world, died in a plane crash. He inhabited many competing worlds in striving to do God's work.


Open Letter from 300+ American Muslims to President-Elect Trump

This open letter is the first public communication from American Muslim leaders to the incoming Trump administration, and is signed by by 300+ American Muslim leaders from around the country who serve their communities and their country in their worship spaces, academic institutions, advocacy, civic life and entrepreneurship. After a year of being talked about on the campaign trail but never being talked to, American Muslim leaders are sharing their values and aspirations, their grave concerns policy proposals and cabinet appointments, and their unflinching defense of the Constitution and cherished American values.

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The Living Tradition

Interfaith Friendships – Not Just for Christmas

“All the heart wants is expanding friendship,” says Rumi.[1] Last week it was National Inter Faith Week (IFW) in the UK. Having been involved in IFW for a few years now, this year it felt more potent. Created to ‘build good relationships and partnerships between people of different faiths’, there seem to be even more [Read More...]

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