How To Keep Your Stuff Organized and Safe During a Move

How To Keep Your Stuff Organized and Safe During a Move March 4, 2024

How To Keep Your Stuff Organized and Safe During a Move

Moving house or office can be such a big task that is daunting to even the most organized and energized of people. It doesn’t matter how little stuff you have; it somehow seems to grow and grow the more you pack things up, and you start to wonder where it is all coming from.

So, while you resist the undying urge to throw everything into a black bag or a misc, box and call it a day, take a look at this piece and read about some of the ways that you can start to get more organized, you never know what ideas might be useful.

Get Designating Spots and Spaces

You have probably heard many times that everything should have a place of its own as a number one organizational tip, and to be fair, it is a good one. It’s for ‘future you’ as much as it is for present you, as the last thing you want to be doing on the other end of your move is searching for the box with the kettle or wondering which clothes you shoved your lightbulbs into to stop them from smashing.

No one wants to deal with that in the dark and no cup of coffee. Do your best to get some piles and places assigned to as many things as you can manage, and make sure they are clearly marked.

Another tip here is to get spots designated for the process. Have an area for sorting, an area for packing, an area for rubbish, and an area for storing until you have to move – this can help keep things as chaos-free as possible while you pack.

Enlist Help From The Professionals

You wouldn’t try and fit a new bathroom or rewire your electrics, would you? (hopefully).
There is a reason there are professionals in every field, and they are ready and waiting to help you do the jobs you don’t want to or do badly.

You hire help from packers, movers, cleaners, or whatever you need to make the move as pain free as possible. Just make sure to hire a reputable company such as home moving company Shiply. They can help you take the stress out of both packing and moving, so you can sort out something else instead!

Pack Smart

So many valuables can get broken in a move, and bubble wrap can be extremely expensive. It can take quite a while to biodegrade.

Why not go for the much friendlier option of wrapping up your fragile belongings in and in between your clothes? Pants and socks also make excellent shock pads, and towels can be very useful for large items.

You will also want to make use of sticky labels if you have to get creative when storing your things. Labels are easy to write on and will help you organize whatever you need to in seconds so you aren’t searching for it at the other end.

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