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A Modern Traditional Witch
by Laura Tempest Zakroff

The Witch’s Guide to Etiquette: Avoiding Witch Wars

The following are 8 guidelines to effective Witchcraft and working with any community in an intelligent capacity.  And keeping your broom clear of the dramallama. “Your word is your worth.”  We work with a lot of seemingly intangible things – spirits, deities, magick, and metaphysics.  But as we know they are real from our own [Read More...]

A Word to the Witch
by Sara Amis

Oracle in the Aftermath

Tarot reading on the state of the nation in the aftermath of the electionThe post Oracle in the Aftermath appeared first on A Word to the Witch.

Adamantine Muse
by Sorita d'Este

The Birth of Artemis

Alongside my love of the goddess Hekate, I have an intrinsic love of Artemis, the Huntress and the Mountain-wanderer.

by Pagans in Dialogue

Tree City Witch: The Kabbalists of Florida and a Story about the Heart

Is it one path? Is it more? How many chambers does a heart have? Four. Do we stop or do we just keep going? Yes and yes.

Ask Angus
by Angus McMahan

Ask Angus #37: Witches Know Differently

Pokemary: I have several questions. Dear Pokemary: Bring ’em on! Is Wicca a religion? It is to me. But it doesn’t have to be to you. If you wanna get devotional with your practice, by all means have a dance party with all the deities you like. But if the Spirit of Nature keeps your [Read More...]

Beneath the Moon
by Rachel Patterson

Make it personal…bodily ingredients in magic

Now this is a subject that you will either find absolutely fascinating or you will skip quickly past this and either is absolutely OK, it is your pathway, your journey and therefore your choice about what you include or don’t but here it is just in case… Your body is the vessel that carries the magic, the energy and the intent but it is also very unique and individual to you. So, if you want to add the personal touch to any working you can literally add a bit of yourself into it. Or a bit of someone else…

Between the Shadows
by Sable Aradia

From the Shadows: That’s Not What Free Speech Means

Right wing writers in the media are framing the debate, forcing us to argue about the whichness of the why. They present the reaction as if it’s an attack on “free speech,” instead of allowing us to talk about the things that the alt-right is saying, and the way in which they deliberately provoke reaction.

By Athame and Stang
by Kelden

Introduction to the Witches’ Compass

In The ABC’s of Witchcraft, Doreen Valiente noted that “The magic circle is part of the general heritage of magical practice, which is world-wide and of incalculable age.”* Certainly, the magic circle is a part of the heritage, or narrative, of Witchcraft. Looking into the past, we find many examples in art and folklore of [Read More...]

by Melissa Hill

What is Druidry?

Learn about modern Druidic history and the vision of ADF, one of the most popular forms of modern Druidry.

Dispatches From Pluto
by Sonja Sadovsky

May Eve

This is a song I have been playing with that I would like to share. With all of the focus on Spring and new beginnings, I got to thinking about the bizarre, yet pervasive, equation of youth and sexuality in our culture.  Sexual repression and fear of aging is endemic in our society.  It gets [Read More...]

Gateway Goddess
by Kathy Nance

Holiday Survival as the Family’s Psychedelic Sheep

It’s not easy being the psychedelic sheep of the family–especially during the family-oriented, conformist-rewarding celebration of Christmas. How to cope? Right now, I’m having what I’ll consider the best part of the family holiday. Yesterday I flew from the Midwest to my sister’s house in Seattle, where our family’s psychedelic sheep have gathered together. I’m [Read More...]

Hearth Witch Down Under
by Bekah Evie Bel

Grandma and the Ostara Storm – A Pagan Childrens Book

In essence, this book could perhaps be seen as a story that normalises Ostara as much as Easter is normalised - it needs no explanation, because it is what it is. The story is simply based on the time of Ostara, but it is actually about the season and the weather.

Heathen at Heart
by Molly Khan

Simple Protection Charm for Everyday Use

A protective charm doesn't have to be complicated or full of exotic ingredients. Here's a simple recipe that uses items you probably have in your kitchen!

Including Paganism
by Aidan Kelly

Announcing: Previews of A Tapestry of Witches, Vol. II

Now that I have finished Part I of my autobiography—it is being vetted by a few people for final revisions—time and energy are freed up to get volume II of A Tapestry of Witches done and out. I will post excerpts of self-contained sections of it as I get them done, just to whet your [Read More...]

Lasara Firefox Allen
by Lasara Firefox Allen

Transmutation of Suffering: The Magic of Tonglen

Tonglen meditation is a healing practice. The word tonglen is Tibetan, and means “giving and taking.” It is also translated as “sending and receiving.” Rooted deeply in Tibetan Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and service, tonglen is designed to transmute and transcend suffering, not only on the personal level but on the global as well. Seeking [Read More...]

Nature's Path
by UU Pagans

Give Me Life

When the earthquake is done We get to return to life

by Thorn Mooney

How to Write a Pagan Book

Step One: Hubris

Pagan in Paradise
by Peter Dybing

Alt-Right, Dragging Liberals into the Fight

    This is so hard to explain without triggering people’s instincts to run to the center and find a place of emotional comfort. For years, Progressives have been warning of the emerging threat of Fascism in America. Most of us are well aware of the look of exasperation on the faces of liberals when [Read More...]

Pagan Tama
by Megan Trellia Manson

Pagan, Shinto & Spiritual Book Reviews April 2017

This month, two recent adaptations of the Norse myths by two bestselling authors go head-to-head: Joanne M Harris’ 2014 novel The Gospel of Loki, and Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, published earlier this year. But which book will get Read Of The Month? The full list of this month’s reviews is as follows…. Neil Gaiman, Norse Mythology [Read More...]

Poisoner's Apothecary
by Coby Michael Smith

The Passion of the Craft

The passion for witchcraft runs deeper than the superficial escapism of New Age spirituality. For me, this isn't a hobby or something that I just recently "picked up." It is an entity that has always been with me, existing independently of my own knowledge of its existence.

Raise the Horns
by Jason Mankey

8 Ways to Celebrate Beltane

Eight great ways to help you and yours celebrate and ritualize on Beltane. It's Spring, a time for dances, maypoles, flowers, and dalliances in the dark.

Star and Snake
by Brandy Williams

Five Things I Learned from the Women’s March

One. When women are in charge the world is more peaceful. The march was a gentle moment, just people walking. We can credit this to the fact that it was organized by and around women. Of course there are hawkish women leaders who have authorized war acts, criminal women who have committed assault and murder, [Read More...]

Dirt Heart Witch
by Jenya T. Beachy

A Fire Blessing Prayer for this New Year

May we be empowered in this turning. May we shine like the stars we are. May the brilliance of each of us, sparkling in the constellations we form together, be a guide to those who seek freedom and safety.

Water Witch
by Annwyn Avalon

The Water Priestess

The water calls to us, and some of us it calls out to and then charges us with a task; work for the water. Water is our life; it runs through our veins and it is in danger.  Danger of being threatened and polluted beyond repair. Once in antiquity women were called to tend the [Read More...]

The Witches Next Door
by Gwion & Phoenix

The Aging Witch

For a long time I blamed my fears on a lack of experience. I just didn’t have enough experience and someday, after years and years, I wouldn’t feel like that anymore. As the years went by I started to blame my feelings on age. I started to think that someday when I was older, I would finally feel confident, and without doubts on what I had to offer.

The Zen Pagan
by Tom Swiss

Kenny Klein And Jerks In Your Lineage

If we see our spiritual selves primarily as products of a lineage, as inheritors of a chain of succession from some original teacher, then any imperfection along that line is reflected in us. We are sullied by the actions of those who have gone before.

Through the Grapevine
by Pagan Voices

The Loins, The Ribbons & The Gods: Why Sexuality in Beltane Matters.

Beltane is PRIMARILY about the power of sexual attraction and fulfillment. The horey goat bellows of Pan and the moans of Aphrodite in heated arousal are not just symbols.

Under the Ancient Oaks
by John Beckett

The Path of Paganism

After a journey of over three years, my first book The Path of Paganism is out. I got my author copies two weeks ago – I started getting Facebook messages from people who got their pre-ordered copies on Tuesday. This is the story of how The Path of Paganism came to be a book.

Voodoo Universe
by Lilith Dorsey

Magickal Ireland : As Above , So Below at IMMA

Dublin's As Above, So Below exhibit at the Irish Museum of Modern Art is a must see for anyone interested in the intersections between art and spirituality.

Witch on Fire
by Heron Michelle

Witchin’ in the Kitchen at Beltane: Chocolate Aphrodisiac Brew

Need a magickal brew to help raise his Maypole, and part her veil? Try this tasty, high-octane aphrodisiac in your chalice this sabbat...