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A Modern Traditional Witch
by Laura Tempest Zakroff

My Witchcraft Is…(A Poetry of Contradictions)

I’m currently on the road for my book tour, but I decided to take a few moments to revisit this poem I wrote last year, and change its structure a bit. “My Witchcraft Is…” My witchcraft is messy, unable to be contained in pristine neat rows and tidy jars. But it has a precise pattern, [Read More...]

A Word to the Witch
by Sara Amis

So long…

For the last little while I have had a lot going on. Stuff has fallen by the wayside, including my sanity at times. At long last, I realized the need for a breakThe post So long… appeared first on A Word to the Witch.

Adamantine Muse
by Sorita d'Este

The Birth of Artemis

Alongside my love of the goddess Hekate, I have an intrinsic love of Artemis, the Huntress and the Mountain-wanderer.

by Pagans in Dialogue

Everyday Pagan: The 8 Things I learned from “D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths”

"D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths" was instrumental in me becoming a Pagan. Here are eight ways it has changed my life.

Ask Angus
by Angus McMahan

Ask Angus #37: Witches Know Differently

Pokemary: I have several questions. Dear Pokemary: Bring ’em on! Is Wicca a religion? It is to me. But it doesn’t have to be to you. If you wanna get devotional with your practice, by all means have a dance party with all the deities you like. But if the Spirit of Nature keeps your [Read More...]

Beneath the Moon
by Rachel Patterson

The Goddess Blodeuwedd

Join me as I delve into the mysteries of the goddess Blodeuwedd; intrigue, betrayal and total woman power...

Between the Shadows
by Sable Aradia

Reflections on the Pagan Writing Life

The writing life can be crazy sometimes! But if you want to join the insanity, a Pagan Fiction Anthology is looking for submissions.

By Athame and Stang
by Kelden

Working with Plant Spirits

Witchcraft is an evocative word in that it tends to stir up different imagery within our minds. For myself, and many others, one of the associations I make with Witchcraft is wortcunning, or working with herbs.

by Melissa Hill

I am a Priest and I am Called to Truth and Silence.

Priesthood is evolving for the modern era and modern needs. We must look to the needs of our congregations as well as the traditional roles of pagan priesthood to develop and inform our skill and knowledge base.

Dispatches From Pluto
by Sonja Sadovsky

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum

When I was a student in the Netherlands, one concept that I enjoyed playing with was the idea of American Apocalysm.  This is a term I created to describe a cultural phenomenon that puzzled my European friends.  My discipline was religious studies, and the majority of the Dutch folks I encountered self-identified as atheist.  The [Read More...]

For Puck's Sake
by Mat Auryn

Breaking the Armchair Spell

Knowledge of the numinous means nothing if we are not experiencing the numinous at all within our lives. Our craft is the Craft of the Wise, not the Craft of Reading About Ideas.

Gateway Goddess
by Kathy Nance

Holiday Survival as the Family’s Psychedelic Sheep

It’s not easy being the psychedelic sheep of the family–especially during the family-oriented, conformist-rewarding celebration of Christmas. How to cope? Right now, I’m having what I’ll consider the best part of the family holiday. Yesterday I flew from the Midwest to my sister’s house in Seattle, where our family’s psychedelic sheep have gathered together. I’m [Read More...]

Hearth Witch Down Under
by Bekah Evie Bel

The Importance of Ritual in My Paganism

In my religion, in my Hekatean Hellenism, ritual has come to be the backbone. It matters, it is important. There is no substitute for ritual, there is no act that is just as good, or close enough.

Heathen at Heart
by Molly Khan

Simple Protection Charm for Everyday Use

A protective charm doesn't have to be complicated or full of exotic ingredients. Here's a simple recipe that uses items you probably have in your kitchen!

Including Paganism
by Aidan Kelly

The Word Creates the Thing It Names

Not ex nihilo, out of nothingness, For nothingness does not exist. The word selects what adds up to a name From all the possibilities we might perceive. We see what we name; the name comes first.                         Truth bore names into our world for love of us,                        Because we cannot learn it without [Read More...]

Lasara Firefox Allen
by Lasara Firefox Allen

Transmutation of Suffering: The Magic of Tonglen

Tonglen meditation is a healing practice. The word tonglen is Tibetan, and means “giving and taking.” It is also translated as “sending and receiving.” Rooted deeply in Tibetan Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and service, tonglen is designed to transmute and transcend suffering, not only on the personal level but on the global as well. Seeking [Read More...]

Nature's Path
by UU Pagans

a translation of Epictetus from The Enchiridion

What happens when you try to take power over what you have no power over?—Can you say “frustration”?

by Thorn Mooney

How to Write a Pagan Book

Step One: Hubris

Pagan in Paradise
by Peter Dybing

Alt-Right, Dragging Liberals into the Fight

    This is so hard to explain without triggering people’s instincts to run to the center and find a place of emotional comfort. For years, Progressives have been warning of the emerging threat of Fascism in America. Most of us are well aware of the look of exasperation on the faces of liberals when [Read More...]

Pagan Tama
by Megan Trellia Manson

Help Britain’s Foxes! Speak Out Against Fox Hunting

I am a devotee of Inari Ōkami, the Shinto kami of rice and prosperity. Foxes are sacred to Inari; they are His messengers, and as such Her shrines typically feature fox statues and other fox images. Foxes are therefore very special to me. But aside from the personal, spiritual significance foxes have for me, I also feel it is [Read More...]

Poisoner's Apothecary
by Coby Michael Smith

The Occvlta Interview

Flying ointments and incense blends made from traditional recipes penned in medieval grimoires are a few of the mysterious items that Occvlta provides to their patrons; witches and sorcerers of discerning tastes.

Raise the Horns
by Jason Mankey

Lessons Learned While Teaching “Wicca 101”

Wicca has always provided its adherents with a great ritual structure, I can teach that, but it's up to each individual Witch to fill in whatever blank spaces they may find.

Star and Snake
by Brandy Williams

Five Things I Learned from the Women’s March

One. When women are in charge the world is more peaceful. The march was a gentle moment, just people walking. We can credit this to the fact that it was organized by and around women. Of course there are hawkish women leaders who have authorized war acts, criminal women who have committed assault and murder, [Read More...]

Dirt Heart Witch
by Jenya T. Beachy

A Fire Blessing Prayer for this New Year

May we be empowered in this turning. May we shine like the stars we are. May the brilliance of each of us, sparkling in the constellations we form together, be a guide to those who seek freedom and safety.

Water Witch
by Annwyn Avalon

My way to the water

Each week in the Water Witches group over on Facebook I post a question topic. A few weeks ago I posted about finding our way to the Water Witch path. I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to respond to many of the question topics myself. So how did I find [Read More...]

The Witches Next Door
by Gwion & Phoenix

Elements Of Magic – Becoming Center, Magic, Cauldron

I am in the Center. I am right here and I am nowhere and I am everywhere

The Zen Pagan
by Tom Swiss

Kyoto: The Ancestors Are Watching (Photo, 52 Make-up Week 18)

Catching up with posting the pieces from the 52 Make-Up Challenge. This entry and the next are from my recent trip to Japan; for more on the background of this photo, taken in a cemetery in eastern Kyoto near sunset, see this post. (Click for a larger version.) I guess what’s interesting about the story [Read More...]

Through the Grapevine
by Pagan Voices

The Loins, The Ribbons & The Gods: Why Sexuality in Beltane Matters.

Beltane is PRIMARILY about the power of sexual attraction and fulfillment. The horey goat bellows of Pan and the moans of Aphrodite in heated arousal are not just symbols.

Under the Ancient Oaks
by John Beckett

The Place of Ancient Heritage in Contemporary Paganism

Some believe we need to rebuild the religions of our pre-Christian ancestors as faithfully as possible. Others think any focus on the past is a distraction from the important work of living fully here and now. This is my position on the place of ancient heritage in Paganism.

Voodoo Universe
by Lilith Dorsey

The Magick and Mystery of Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is the whole package.

Witch on Fire
by Heron Michelle

A Litha Ritual of Highlight and Shadow

I offer for your consideration this Litha ritual with techniques to engage all the celebrants as contributors, regardless of their previous witching experience.