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A Modern Traditional Witch
by Laura Tempest Zakroff

In Which I Am Possibly A Bad Witch….

I'm not sure if this witch was made for camping.....

Adamantine Muse
by Sorita d'Este

The Rite of Her Sacred Fires 2017

At the Full Moon in May 2017 thousands of people around the world celebrated the Rite of Her Sacred Fires in honour of the Goddess Hekate for the 8th consecutive year.  With each passing year and through both the experience I have gained myself through participating in this ritual with others, and the knowledge and [Read More...]

by Pagans in Dialogue

Tree City Witch: Soul Retrieval & The Search for Home

My best advice for when the Sun is in Cancer is to go with the flow.

Ask Angus
by Angus McMahan

Ask Angus #37: Witches Know Differently

Pokemary: I have several questions. Dear Pokemary: Bring ’em on! Is Wicca a religion? It is to me. But it doesn’t have to be to you. If you wanna get devotional with your practice, by all means have a dance party with all the deities you like. But if the Spirit of Nature keeps your [Read More...]

Beneath the Moon
by Rachel Patterson

Medicine bags and mojo bags: Magic in a pouch

A medicine bag contains items that are charged with your intent and each item is a guide for the spirits/divine/deity to help them understand what the outcome you desire is. Your medicine bag once it is put together is essentially ‘alive’ with energy and it will need to be looked after and can be ‘fed’ with magic powder.

Between the Shadows
by Sable Aradia

Wonder Woman: A Holy Communion

Why all the hullabaloo about Wonder Woman? Why is this movie such a big deal? Why has it become, as a writer who's opinion I respect has put it, "a feminist hill to die on?" And why did it matter so much to me? Here's how I found holy communion in a modern myth.

By Athame and Stang
by Kelden

Working with Plant Spirits

Witchcraft is an evocative word in that it tends to stir up different imagery within our minds. For myself, and many others, one of the associations I make with Witchcraft is wortcunning, or working with herbs.

by Melissa Hill

Harvesting the Verba for Midsummer

What’s more pagan than getting out into nature and playing with plants? Not only that, but it’s an ancient tradition practiced all over continental Europe.

Dispatches From Pluto
by Sonja Sadovsky

Midsummer Magic: Let it Burn

Magic is a life hack. A cheat code. Complexity presents more options, but the most effective technique is the one that calls to you. The one that works.

For Puck's Sake
by Mat Auryn

Synchronicity & the Psychic Witch

A talented psychic is an observant psychic, in this physical reality and others, constantly translating information between realms...

Gateway Goddess
by Kathy Nance

Holiday Survival as the Family’s Psychedelic Sheep

It’s not easy being the psychedelic sheep of the family–especially during the family-oriented, conformist-rewarding celebration of Christmas. How to cope? Right now, I’m having what I’ll consider the best part of the family holiday. Yesterday I flew from the Midwest to my sister’s house in Seattle, where our family’s psychedelic sheep have gathered together. I’m [Read More...]

Hearth Witch Down Under
by Bekah Evie Bel

Using Wallpapers to Memorise Pagan Things

Using multiple images of the Orphic Hymn to Hekate ... I have actually finally been able to memorise it in full and it only took me a few days.

Heathen at Heart
by Molly Khan

Community, Heathenry, and Trothmoot 2017

I was lucky enough to attend Trothmoot 2017, and found more knowledge, community, and inspiration there than I could hope to use!

Including Paganism
by Aidan Kelly

The Way of Ecstasy

    So many saints, being professional Celibates, and such holy fools, believed We can awaken only by self-denial And pure, unfeeling thought, as if we were Angels, who cannot marry or be given in marriage. O Santa Teresa, Doctora Ipsissima. Did you ever know the ecstasy of the body Can bless us more than [Read More...]

Lasara Firefox Allen
by Lasara Firefox Allen

Transmutation of Suffering: The Magic of Tonglen

Tonglen meditation is a healing practice. The word tonglen is Tibetan, and means “giving and taking.” It is also translated as “sending and receiving.” Rooted deeply in Tibetan Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and service, tonglen is designed to transmute and transcend suffering, not only on the personal level but on the global as well. Seeking [Read More...]

Nature's Path
by UU Pagans

Summer Haiku

Allison Ehrman writes about how the Japanese can evoke a whole sense of season with just a keyword or two. A practice that makes the art of haiku possible.

by Thorn Mooney

How to Write a Pagan Book

Step One: Hubris

Pagan in Paradise
by Peter Dybing

Alt-Right, Dragging Liberals into the Fight

    This is so hard to explain without triggering people’s instincts to run to the center and find a place of emotional comfort. For years, Progressives have been warning of the emerging threat of Fascism in America. Most of us are well aware of the look of exasperation on the faces of liberals when [Read More...]

Pagan Tama
by Megan Trellia Manson

If You Break The Law To Stop Free Expression, You’re Just Being Lazy

Blasphemy is never an excuse to commit a crime. Ever.

Poisoner's Apothecary
by Coby Michael Smith

Changing Perceptions of Spirit Boards

Spirit communication has been a central pillar of magical practice since the begininng of human civilization. Witches, shaman, and sorcerers have learned to gather power and knowledge through their relationships with these spirits. Spirit boards are a modern manifestation of spirit communication tools, and opinions of such vary within the magical community.

Raise the Horns
by Jason Mankey

There is Strength In Community

It's easy to set up shop in one ultra-specific place and then never emerge from it, but I think our Paganisms suffer for it.

Star and Snake
by Brandy Williams

Five Things I Learned from the Women’s March

One. When women are in charge the world is more peaceful. The march was a gentle moment, just people walking. We can credit this to the fact that it was organized by and around women. Of course there are hawkish women leaders who have authorized war acts, criminal women who have committed assault and murder, [Read More...]

Dirt Heart Witch
by Jenya T. Beachy

A Fire Blessing Prayer for this New Year

May we be empowered in this turning. May we shine like the stars we are. May the brilliance of each of us, sparkling in the constellations we form together, be a guide to those who seek freedom and safety.

Water Witch
by Annwyn Avalon

5 ways you know you are a Water Witch

So you are a witch and you love the water! In fact you might even be a just a little obsessed with it. You tend to find yourself walking the shores and collecting river rock and sea shells. If you tend to work with spirits that are associated with the water and worship goddesses born [Read More...]

The Witches Next Door
by Gwion & Phoenix

No One Cares What You Think

The internet is filled with armchair practitioners, hate fueled speech, and a whole boatload of ‘I-am-right-therefore-you-are-wrong’ arguments. And I am here to tell you that at the end of the day, no one cares what you think.

The Zen Pagan
by Tom Swiss

Remembering Ringo

A heart that never cares is safe from grieving. But that's not what hearts are for.

Through the Grapevine
by Pagan Voices

The Loins, The Ribbons & The Gods: Why Sexuality in Beltane Matters.

Beltane is PRIMARILY about the power of sexual attraction and fulfillment. The horey goat bellows of Pan and the moans of Aphrodite in heated arousal are not just symbols.

Under the Ancient Oaks
by John Beckett

Under the Ancient Oaks – The Video Series

The first in a new series of short videos on topics of interest to Pagans and polytheists.

Voodoo Universe
by Lilith Dorsey

Book Review: Animal Lessons by Danielle MacKinnon

One of the most useful parts of the book is the appendix where she lists common animal lessons that one might be facing.

Witch on Fire
by Heron Michelle

The Pentacle Approach to Wellness: Balancing the Fires of the Will

My will is my fire; and when my personal will is in alignment with my Highest Divine Will - when my power flows freely from microcosm to macrocosm - I wield the most powerful tool in creation: magick.