This Month at the Patheos Book Club:

Tiffany's Swedenborgian Angels:
Stained Glass Windows Representing the Seven Churches from the Book of Revelation

Other Titles from Swedenborg Foundation Press:

Conversations with Angels: What Swedenborg Heard in Heaven

A Swedenborg Sampler: Selections from Heaven and Hell, Divine Love and Wisdom, Divine Providence, Secrets of Heaven, and True Christianity

Heaven and Hell: The Portable New Century Edition

The Garden of Theology: An Introduction to Emanuel Swedenborg's Theological Works

Emanuel Swedenborg: Visionary Savant in an Age of Reason

Why Does God Let It Happen?

The Guardian Angel Diary

Divine Love and Wisdom: The Portable New Century Edition

A Scientist Explores Spirit: A Biography of Emanuel Swedenborg with Key Concepts of His Theology