Muslim Rogues since 9/11

The ten years since the attacks of 9/11 have fundamentally changed the American landscape and especially the American-Muslim landscape in all facets of life—from activism to politics to entertainment to military involvement. Many Muslim organizations have created partnerships with local law enforcement agencies and the FBI to self-monitor the community from radical elements, while issuing statements to explain what Islam is and condemn acts of terror and engaging in dialogues and other civic-minded activities.

These efforts by Muslim organizations and individual American Muslims—many of whom have felt the pressure of having to prove their place in American society and their right to practice their religion while combatting anti-Muslim sentiments—have taken hits over the years when various "rogue" American-Muslims have engaged in acts of violence or have conspired to commit terrorist acts against the U.S. Each time an individual American-Muslim has been arrested and/or convicted for a terrorist-related act, it can be a blow to the American Muslim community at large, who find themselves yet again having to condemn and speak out against individuals who, they say, do not represent an entire community. Patheos profiles nine American-Muslim "rogues" who have exacerbated the issues the American Muslim community has had to deal with since 9/11.