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A Glimpse of Awakening
by Loch Kelly

Effortless Action: Doing from Being

There is a Chinese term called wu wei, which can be translated as “spontaneity” or “effortless action.” Wu wei does not mean passively waiting around, but actively recognizing that spontaneous action is already occurring, without being conducted by an ego-identified “doer.” Being is always already naturally here, but we aren’t yet wired to function from [Read More...]

A Happy Medium
by Kristy Robinett

Cleansing Haunted Objects

Who knew that buying a vintage chip can would bring home a ghost? Yet that’s exactly what happened several weeks back. Vintage shopping has always been a thing, but the last couple years it’s taken on new life. Whether country road antique markets, weekend pop up boutiques, or an online flea market, the business of [Read More...]

Above and Beyond the 5 Senses
by Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos

VIDEO-Military Spirituality: Why I Serve- Lieutenant General Roger Schultz

“As we say often, ‘every Soldier has a story to tell.’” ~Lt. General Roger Schultz What does Military Spirituality mean to a Lieutenant General who received the Purple Heart in combat? Watch the show for the answer to that question and much more. After co-hosts Lori Boyle and Kat Kanavos interviewed 3 Star Lt. General [Read More...]

Carl Gregg
by Carl Gregg

Eugenics, Then & Now: Immigration, Health Care, & Illiberal Progressives

Last week, we explored the life and legacy of one of our famous Unitarian ancestors, the Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. When Holmes died in 1935, his obituary was featured on the front page of the New York Times under the headline, “Chief Liberal” (Cohen 317). But as we explored last week, although [Read More...]

Companions on the Journey
by Father Seán ÓLaoire and Community

Justice and Forgiveness – Strange Bedfellows #4

Is there a faster way to learn forgiveness? How do we do that?

Essence of the One
by University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism

Hello Rumi Tuesday! Raise your words…

Hello Rumi Tuesday! "Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder." Jelaluddin Rumi. What does it mean to raise your words without raising your voice?

Everyday Miracles
by Debra Landwehr Engle

Patience, Grasshopper—Your Dreams Will Come

Yesterday morning, unexpected snow fell like a curtain of white in central Iowa. It was mesmerizing, said one of my Miracles students. “I could have gone into a trance just watching it.” Three hours later, the snow was gone. The sun came out, the birds resumed building their nests, and the spring grass was as [Read More...]

Field Notes on Living
by Mark Nepo

Finding What Can Last

Dr. Leonard was about to trim down an old tooth for a crown and I was all numbed up, listening to the Beatles—Abbey Road—on small headphones. About halfway through, I began to feel the drilling. It wasn’t bad, but I was afraid the drill would hit the nerve and get much worse. Nerve pain in [Read More...]

Grace-Filled Musings
by Justine Willis Toms

A Lesson in a Supermarket

New Dimensions’ guest, Susan Moon, tells the story of her mother’s circle of women friends. They called themselves “Mothers of Daughters” and would meet each time a daughter came to visit from far away. Although their hands were shaking and many used walkers to help them get around, they had each lived vibrant and interesting lives. [Read More...]

Heavenly Creatures
by Joanne Brokaw

The election, fear, and an opportunity for change

Don't allow yourself to remain mired in the political muck that has consumed America this election season. Whatever side of the divide you were on, get up, dust yourself off, and start rebuilding our nation, one relationship at a time.

Holy Rover
by Lori Erickson

The Buddha in My Phone

To my embarrassment, I've become one of those people who keep bringing up meditation in conversation, extolling its benefits and urging people to try it.

by Jason M. Brown

From Punjab to British Columbia

Today on ‘Experience the Sacred: Where Spirit Meets World in Vancouver’ the radio show I host with a few other collaborators, I interviewed three members of the Sikh community who volunteer with Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, a weekly soup kitchen that sets up on the corner of Main and Hastings here in the city. What [Read More...]

It's Your Future
by Matthew Currie

All Your Dreams Come True With A New Moon In Aries! *

*Your mileage may vary A New Moon is a great time to set out your intentions for the following month, and Monday’s New Moon in Aries is packing a particular punch. But attempting to “manifest” something alone isn’t going to do it for you. So, in true Aries style, allow me to say: sit down, [Read More...]

Just Ask Jay
by Jay Lane

Emotional Human Spirits?

Ever wonder if your loved ones get angry on the other side when we do things other than were promised to them?  Will they mind if you keep their ashes at home, or divide them up?  Do you think Human Spirits become emotional when we let go of their belongings or sell the family home [Read More...]

Just One Thing
by Rick Hanson

See the Person Behind the Eyes

Much of the time, we interact mask-to-mask with other people. There’s a place for that. But remember times when someone saw through your mask to the real you, the person back behind your eyes. If you’re like me, those times were both unnerving and wonderful.The post See the Person Behind the Eyes appeared first on Dr. Rick Hanson.

Light on Kundalini
by Karuna

How to Sit in Prayer Pose

Do you know how powerful it is to pray for someone from a distance? To send loving prayers and to offer yourself these prayers can HEAL! You don’t have to be next to someone to offer this mudra of Prayer Pose. Give it a try!

Living Tao
by Ilchi Lee

Creating a 21-Day Miracle Plan for Habit Mastery

All of us develop bad habits of some kind or another during our lifetimes. Often, when we wish to change those habits, we find it difficult, even when the habit is something simple, like spending too much time surfing the Internet or going to bed too late. When little things like this start having negative [Read More...]

Luminous Living
by Miriam Ava

Beyond Election Day: Sacred America, Sacred World

With only a few days to go until Election Day, the stakes couldn’t be higher. We’re choosing our next commander in chief, role model, and leader of the free world. Policy making for decades will be influenced by new Supreme Court Justices. The choice is clear, and depending on whom you ask it’s absolutely Clinton [Read More...]

Molly Wingate: Plain Speaking
by Molly Wingate

Least Among us Forgotten in the Health Care Debacle

There was no love in the health care bill introduced by the Speaker of the House. The only love coming from 45 was love of self and his fairly embarrassing need for love. His empty assurances that there would be terrific coverage for everyone were a plea for all to love him. But it left me wondering, “Does his everyone include the street people?”

Mystic Post
by Stephen Ryan

Medjugorje and Fatima Reveal: Media Hysteria Towards Russia is a Danger to the World. Points to Catholic Prophecy Unfolding.

Follow Mystic Post on Facebook Rachel Maddow’s show is now breathlessly dedicated to hyping Cold War 2.0. Essentially, in Maddow’s eyes, if you so much as talk with a Russian you are a traitor to the United States.  CNN says: “The darkening storm over Russia is now looming over President Donald Trump’s innermost circle.” Dick [Read More...]

Elle Griffin
by Elle Griffin

Is Elizabeth Gilbert No Longer “Committed”?

Last week, Elizabeth Gilbert announced via Facebook that she has left her husband to pursue a relationship with a woman. Her decision was met with an outpouring of love, in large part thanks to the overwhelming support of the LGBT community. But though I send love and support as well, I couldn’t help but also feel a [Read More...]

Project Awaken
by Brandan Robertson

Re-Reading Scripture: Self-Centered vs. Spirit-Centered (Romans 8)

“But you aren’t self-centered. Instead, you are in the Spirit, if in fact God’s Spirit lives in you.“ Romans 8:9  The call of Christ is the call to die to our “self”, which is our egoic self, and to live our lives from the place of the Spirit, which is our truest essence. At our [Read More...]

Quest for Meaning
by UU Collective

Smells Like White Racism

A friend posted on Facebook, upset that a qualified person of color had been overlooked for a position of denominational leadership, and a white man hired instead. There were a lot of words in all caps. And I both heard what she was saying and wasn’t at all sure if I agreed. How do you [Read More...]

Reluctant Pilgrim
by Enuma Okoro

On Reading God Between the Lines

In a series called By Heart, The Atlantic features authors’ reflections on their favorite passages of literature. Iranian-born Dina Nayeri,who wrote the recently released A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea, choose from Marilyn Robinson’s quiet but strong book, Housekeeping: There is so little to remember of anyone—an anecdote, a conversation at a table. But every [Read More...]

Revealing Your LuminEssence
by Carl Studna

Being Deeply Rooted

As we move into the winter season, I’m looking out of my office window gazing at thousands of pine trees swaying in the gusty winds. The potent sound of these gusts can be heard swirling around the house sprinkled with the whining vibration of the wind trying to make its way through the cracks of [Read More...]

Sacred Illuminations
by Sibyl Dana Reynolds

Sisterhood: The Beguines Inspire a Women’s Community for Today

The sacred container of sisterhood holds a community in an atmosphere of safety where sisters (members) feel confident to share their stories, embrace silence, pray, create, celebrate beauty, and break bread. It could be said there is a sacrament within the spirit of sisterhood. The Way of Belle Coeur: A Woman’s Vade Mecum by Sibyl [Read More...]

Sarah Over the Moon
by Sarah Moon

Don’t You Know What God Can Do With Dust?

I had the honor to preach my first sermon at Summit on 16th UMC last night for their Ash Wednesday service. It felt right, natural, and good. I am so thankful for all the support people have shown me on this adventure. I even got to do the Imposition of the Ashes, which is something [Read More...]The post Don’t You Know What God Can Do With Dust? appeared first on Sarah Over the Moon.

Soul & Spirit
by Thomas Moore


I’m the opposite of a Jock, whatever that would be, though I played ice hockey in my youth and now still play a little tennis and golf. I do like to watch American football and, having lived in New Hampshire for twenty years now, I root for the New England Patriots. I was one of [Read More...]

Spirituality and Consciousness
by Pamala Oslie

Happy Relationships

Here are some short descriptions of what the different aura color personalities need to have happy and fulfilling relationships. (If people want to know their aura colors they can go to and quickly take the quiz.) Red Aura Color Personality: Anyone who is going to spend quality time with Reds will need to be [Read More...]

Spirituality Itself
by your host, Kate Sheehan Roach

‘Conversations with Neale’ Helps us Apply Practical Spiritual Principles to Everyday Life

Neale Donald Walsch knows about uncertainty. He knows about the mental and emotional toll of dire circumstances. He knows what it is like to reach the “end of line” when you can’t go any farther because you’ve hit rock-bottom. He knows because in the early 1990’s Walsch suffered a series of crushing blows—a fire that [Read More...]

Spirituality in an Age of Ecocide
by Roger Gottlieb

Pope Francis and Climate Change: Some Critical Questions

For the many of us—clergy and laypeople, academics and plain citizens, in the U.S. and throughout the world—who for decades have been saying that the environmental crisis calls for a religious perspective and an activist religious response Pope Francis’ bold words are a wonderfully welcome addition. At least three things give those words special weight: [Read More...]

Strategic Monk
by Greg Richardson

Straining to Catch a Glimpse of the Sacred

We feel we are far away from what we hold Sacred. We must strain to catch the slightest glimpse, the smallest echo. The Sacred is far above us and we struggle to capture a taste of it, to find its aroma. Is the Sacred Even There? There are days when we wonder whether there is [Read More...]

Evolutionary Power
by Julie Colwell, PhD

Video: Understanding the Inner Map

I presented to Katie Hendricks’ Leadership and Transformation program on 12/3/16. Here’s the YouTube link. Enjoy the theory behind the Inner Map, including: how to generate (vs drain) your energy how to use your stories to anchor yourself to an expanded state what Real Power looks like Narrow vs. Open Focus How to maximize living from Creative [Read More...]

The Divine Feminine
by Voices of Women of Spirit and Faith

Women of Faith Will Prevail

Last month women gathered via signals across the country to share, to listen, and to try to make sense of our new political reality. Today is the first day of the new presidency and the future for our country looks grim. Each day, lines are crossed that used to be off limits in a democracy [Read More...]

The Principles of Spiritual Living
by Centers for Spiritual Living

Stop Trying To Be Yourself

Are you still trying to find your “purpose?” The problem is not finding it. The real challenge is what to do after you figure it out! I starting teaching a workshop over twenty years ago called, “Discovering Your Bliss.” I was in my Joseph Campbell period, a ministerial student and wild about realizing in my [Read More...]

The Spiritual Naturalist
by Contributing Writers

The Spirituality of “Home”

(cc) maf04 The simple definition of the word “home” by the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary reads: “the place (such as a house or apartment) where a person lives.” So what if your soul feels at home somewhere other than where you currently live?  This can create a painful paradox, one my wife and I have been [Read More...]

Wake Up Call
by Tom Rapsas

60-Second Inspiration: The Hidden Meaning of Zen.

During his storied life, the religious scholar Huston Smith studied and then practiced virtually all of the world’s religions. But in a tale he tells in his autobiography Tales of Wonder, Zen may have been the most difficult to grasp. Smith studied for a grueling week at a Zen Buddhist monastery in Japan, where during [Read More...]

What God Wants For Your Life
by Fred Schmidt

The Real Work of Bishops

In his report from The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops, Bishop Daniel Martins described a telling exchange: We began with another table discussion of generous length (about 30 minutes, as I recall). Each table was given a sheet amalgamating all the feedback that had been turned in on sticky notes yesterday concerning how we think [Read More...]

Wrestling with God
by Barbara Falconer Newhall

Huston Smith — A Spiritual Companion to Millions

By Barbara Falconer Newhall Huston Smith was well into his 90s. His mind was sharp. His last books, though slender, were inspired. But his hearing was going, and he had taken to a wheelchair. Finally on December 30, at the age of 97, Huston Smith left his millions of fans and readers behind. I’m just [Read More...]The post Huston Smith — A Spiritual Companion to Millions appeared first on Wrestling with God.