This is not a matter of faith, but of exploiting the endorsement of the Office of the President to perpetuate a fraud on the Ameircan people. The time has come for Paula White to resign, immediately. Given the scandals involving President Trump’s advisors in recent weeks, the following question might appear to be inconsequential and/or unworthy of serious discussion in the 21st century. However, considering the unprecedented access and influence afforded to Paula White-Cain, the President’s chosen “spiritual advisor” who… Read more

[While Billy Graham has personally been retired from active ministry for many years, his organization continues to operate in his name. As such, so too shall his name be tied to criticism when it is leveraged to exploit the suffering of others.] When I was first contacted by a resident of Westerville, OH about this story a couple of days ago, I initially thought, “Meh, what’s the big deal?” That is because I used to be part of the problem… Read more

There has really only ever been one “War on Christmas” in the United States and it wasn’t started by satanic secularists or evil atheists. No, in fact, long before the celebration of a virgin birth was celebrated by people sleeping in front of Best Buy, the only official war on Christmas took place way back in 1659 when the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony (aka original founding fathers) enacted laws to *criminalize* the celebration of any religious holidays (including… Read more

What did the Bible say about Jesus? Well, that depends…  Most readers combine, mix and match different verses from different gospels (which were written by different authors at different times for different audiences) to come up with their own Super Gospel – a completely new account of events that defy all laws of logic, time, and space. This is called HARMONIZATION – a fancy word for blasphemy. Each author of the Gospels was writing their own Gospel – their… Read more

Where’s The Baby? A curious case of Biblical cannibalism. As is the case with many stories from The Bible, I can’t really recommend sharing 2 Kings 6:28 with junior at bedtime. (Seriously, folks – there’s a reason some Bible stories don’t appear in kid’s Bibles.) But, before all of the armchair theologians start screaming about the proper “context” of biblical cannibalism let me just say: Yes, this city was under siege and suffering a famine. Yes, people were dying left… Read more

Part 1: Bring Us Your Vulnerable Part 2: The Beginning Of The End Part 4: The Funeral Part 4: The Father Prologue To “The Healthy Years” PLEASE NOTE: As I have mentioned from the outset, I was not given permission by Caroline’s family to share her story. However, what I failed to mention was that I was given permission by Caroline herself. In her final journal entry (and apparent draft of her suicide note),  Caroline asked that her journals be… Read more

Part Four: The Father Part One: Bring Us Your Vulnerable Part Two: The Beginning Of The End Part Three: The Funeral I’d like to think it was out of empathy, but it was more likely self preservation that led to my wife’s insistence on handling the entire drive back home from Caroline’s funeral. Despite my protests, in hindsight it was a wise choice as I remember little of the seemingly endless day that began the night before. Consumed by equal… Read more

Part Three: The Funeral Part One: Bring Us Your Vulnerable Part Two: The Beginning Of The End I drove through the night as my wife slept in the passenger seat. Normally we’d take shifts on such all-nighters; one hour on, one hour off, but we’d been married long enough for her to know that I’d never be able to sleep under the circumstances and being able to focus on the road would actually help ease my mind. In theory. In… Read more

Part Two: The Beginning Of The End (Part One: Bring Us Your Vulnerable) Not really knowing anybody in my new town, I was all alone in the woods, proudly riding my fancy new mountain bike along a series of abandoned logging roads about 10 miles from anywhere. I came around a rapidly descending turn to find myself in the tractor beam of a light green truck, the driver’s eyes as big as mine as my face hit the driver’s side… Read more

Part One – Bring Us Your… Vulnerable I always knew the day would come when I would be accused of murder. I just didn’t expect the allegations to be lodged by two old friends bearing evidence of my involvement in two separate incidents that led to the death of someone they loved. I must confess at the outset that indeed, I’m guilty of both allegations and plead no contest. The first incident has haunted me in recent years, the first… Read more

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