Pastor Greg Johnson grew up in an atheist household, but that did not spare him from the shame and embarrassment that so many LGBTQ+ people experience. Greg knew he was gay by the time he was in in 7th grade, but he kept it secret for years until found faith in college. Dr. Johnson always had a close community of friends who knew of his wrestling and experiences with his sexual orientation, but it was not public information until he published an article with Christianity Today in 2019. Part of the fallout of that public coming out is that Pastor Greg has been on trial for his sexuality within his denomination (Presbyterian Church of America ). Dr. Johnson has recently released a book about the conversion therapy movement and some of the lessons we can draw from its failure. The book is "Still Time to Care " and you can pick up anywhere books are sold. You can follow Greg Johnson on Twitter. Don't forget to leave us a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. And, one of the best ways to help this podcast grow is to tell your friends about it.