Priests Who Raped Children Are Sentenced To “Lifetime of Prayer” By Pope Francis

The Catholic Church needs to stop protecting priests who rape children. [Read more…]

Effective Activism In The Age Of Trump

Callie Wright joins Patrick and Matthew to discuss how we can best fight against the Trump administration. [Read more…]

Trump Administration Aims To Take Down Recreational Marijuana

As usual, Republicans only care about state’s rights when it’s convenient for them. [Read more…]

Video Resurfaces of Bill Maher Advocating Child Rape

Both Bill Maher’s and Milo Yiannopoulos’ comments are indefensible. [Read more…]

Milo Yiannopoulos Disinvited From CPAC After Pedophilia Comments

Conservatives were fine with Milo’s bigotry, but him advocating for sexual assault finally crossed the line. [Read more…]

The Trump Family Is Costing Taxpayers Much More Money Than The Obamas

The Trump’s expenses in the first month are about as much as the Obama’s first year. [Read more…]

Bill Maher And Milo Yiannopoulos Find Common Ground In Their Bigotry Towards Transgender People

Thankfully Larry Wilmore was there to call them out. [Read more…]

Florida’s Abortion-Wait Law Has Been Blocked By Supreme Court

Florida recently passed bill a through its legislature that required women to wait 24 hours and visit the doctor twice before getting their abortion. The Florida Supreme Court has now ruled this to be unconstitutional. An excerpt from their ruling states: “Today, we make clear, in Florida, any law that implicates the fundamental right of [Read More…]

Introducing The According To Matthew Podcast

I’ve had a great time writing about religion, social justice, politics, and science on this blog and I am now taking it to the next level with my new podcast! The podcast is also called “According to Matthew” after this blog and will cover many of the same issues. I will be interviewing activists, scientists, [Read More…]

Oklahoma Advances Bill That Would Require Men To Approve All Abortions

Republican representative Justin Humphrey introduced a bill that would require written consent from a woman’s sexual partner before she could receive an abortion. This bill just advanced from the Public Health Committee to the House with a vote of 5-2. If this bill becomes a law, men would dictate if women can have abortions in Oklahoma. Beyond requiring written [Read More…]