The Never-Ending Process Of Social Justice Advocacy

It’s hard work to unlearn the many toxic ideas we have absorbed. [Read more…]

Gay Legislator Introduces Bill That Would Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

‘Being gay is not a disease, therefore it does not require a cure’ [Read more…]

During Abortion Bill Hearing Oklahoma Lawmaker Says Rape & Incest Are “Will Of God”

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Shaquille O’Neal Thinks The Earth Is Flat

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Texas Bill Would Allow Science Instructors Teach Alternative Theories To Climate Change, Evolution, And Cloning

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Just Saying You Are A Male Feminist Isn’t Enough

Identifying as a feminist doesn’t mean anything if we don’t act like one. [Read more…]

Atheist Blogger Could Go To Prison For 7 Years After Playing Pokemon Go In Russian Church

He was charged with inciting ‘religious hatred’ for playing the game. [Read more…]

Texas Bill Would Fine Men $100 For Masturbating

The satirical bill would also create a waiting period for getting Viagra. [Read more…]

Iowa Legislator Warns That Our Culture Is Being Ruined By Non-Westerners

The legislator’s comments were endorsed by David Duke. [Read more…]

If Every Woman Had Access To Birth Control The United States Could Save 12 Billion Dollars A Year

Republicans should be pro-birth control if they value fiscal responsibility. [Read more…]