President Trump’s Attacks On NBC Violate Presidential Oath Of Office

The Party of Reason and Progress responds to the president’s terrifying comments. Read more

Mensa Agrees To Host IQ Test Between Trump And Tillerson

This is seriously America in 2017. Read more

NFL Owners Will Decide Next Week If Players Must Stand For National Anthem

This is getting ridiculous. Read more

How Having An Abortion Changed My Views On The Matter

Their harrowing experience made them an even bigger advocate for reproductive rights. Read more

Pennsylvania Fire Chief Calls Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin A Racial Slur After NFL Protests

If you don’t think this is about race then you are not listening. Read more

Religious Protection Means Satanic Cakes From Anti-Gay Christian Bakers

If bakers won’t make cakes for gay couples, they’ll nonetheless have to make cakes for Satan. Read more

Why I Don’t Want To Debate Trump Supporters Anymore

My time is better spent doing other things to help our society. Read more

Tired Of Fighting Racist Trolls Online? This New Group Can Help!

This group of white people is volunteering to help correct ignorant comments on your social media. Read more

Entire Pittsburgh Steelers Team To Sit Out National Anthem Today

Will other NFL teams follow them? Read more

ESPN Anchor Calls Trump Racist And The White House Says She Should Be Fired

This is definitely concerning for freedom of speech. Read more

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