Gay Man Who Was Denied A Marriage License By Kim Davis Will Run Against Her In 2018

It would be great if he won! Read more

Science Finds That Popular “Superfoods” Are Not Healthier Than Cheaper Alternatives

It’s the branding that increases the cost, not the nutrition. Read more

Diverse Group Of Atheist Writers Publish Awesome New Book Together

My chapter is on the psychology and neuroscience of religious belief! Read more

Sociologists Begin To Study The Sexism Found Within The Atheist Community

Despite atheists being more pro-feminist in surveys, there is still significant sexism in atheist spaces. Read more

Dear Men: We Need To Listen To Women And Do Better Instead Of Shutting Down

Being called out for sexism may feel unpleasant, but we should try to learn from it and grow. Read more

#ChurchToo Shares The Stories Of Those Abused In Their Religious Communities

Inspired by #MeToo, this hashtag encourages those abused in church to share their stories. Read more

Polyamorous? More Like PolyGLAMOROUS!

In our latest episode, several guests share their perspectives on being polyamorous. Read more

Former Alabama Cop Was Asked To Keep Roy Moore Away From High School Cheerleaders

Moore had a reputation for harassing teenage girls in his community. Read more

I Would Not Be Able To Afford Graduate School Under The Proposed Republican Tax Plan

This major tax increase would make graduate school too expensive. Read more

George Takei Tells Howard Stern He Would Grab Men By Their Genitals To “Persuade” Them To Have Sex

These comments are particularly awful given the recent allegations of sexual assault. Read more

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