Child Dies Because Parents Prayed Instead of Calling 911

Image from KSTP screengrab

I hate seeing stories like these. Seth Johnson, the 7 year-old child of Timothy and Sarah Johnson, recently died from pancreatitis and acute sepsis. This could have been prevented if Seth’s parents got medical help for their son, but instead relied on prayer.

The Johnsons noticed that their son was ill, but refused to do anything because they had “issues with doctors.” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman released the following statement:

“The parents admitted to police that his behavior had changed, that he wasn’t sleeping, was throwing himself down stairs and was taking hours to eat. Yet, they refused to do what most parents would have done and take him to a doctor”

Upon returning from a trip, the Johnsons came home and found their son laying on the floor, but refused to call 911 and prayed instead. The next morning, the Johnsons finally did seek out medical attention for their son, but it was too late. The paramedics found Seth covered in his own vomit and pronounced him dead when they arrived to the scene.

The Johnsons have since been charged with neglect of a child. This is another sad example of how religion and pseudoscience can have deadly consequences.

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