Majority of Republicans Think Artists Should Perform at Trump’s Inauguration If Asked

Photo credit to Gage Skidmore under Creative Commons 2.0

There have been several musical artists who have publicly stated they will not perform at Trump’s inauguration. This has sparked some discussion on what obligation people have to participate in such an event that they strongly disapprove of.

To me, the answer is that no one should be forced to participate if they do not want to. So a musician definitely should not feel obligated to perform just because Trump will be president. That doesn’t sound very free to me.

Unfortunately, a recent poll showed that 53% of Republicans do think artists should be required to perform at Trump’s inauguration! Only 17% of Democrats agreed, but I think both numbers are way too high. No one should be forced to perform and the results of this poll are quite concerning for anyone who values freedom.

EDIT: Thanks for my friend Jamie, I tracked down the original wording of this poll and it was a lot softer than The Hill article reported on. The poll didn’t say that artists should be required, but rather if artists should do it anyway for the good of the country. I have now updated the title.

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