Texas Bill Would Allow Science Instructors Teach Alternative Theories To Climate Change, Evolution, And Cloning

Former Texas Governor certainly had no problems with creationism and rejecting climate change. Image via Washington Post screengrab.

Texas Republican Valoree Swanon introduced a bill that would allow science instructors to teach alternative theories to subjects that could be “controversial.” This would include subjects like evolution, climate change, and even human cloning.  The bill states that:

“Some teachers may be unsure of expectations concerning how to present information when controversy arises concerning a scientific subject; and the protection of a teacher’s academic freedom is necessary to enable the teacher to provide effective instruction,”

So basically under the guise of “academic freedom” teachers could make up facts to fit their ideology. This is terrifying. Teachers have an obligation to teach what the science says. Not what their opinions are and what “alternative facts” they may believe in.

If someone is going to a private school and they get biased instruction, that’s one thing. But this bill would impact public high schools. It could change the narrative of what kind of information children learn.

It’s a scary time when “alternative facts” can now be allowed in public schools. I sincerely hope this bill doesn’t get far in the legislative process. And I sincerely hope our country can survive these four years of ignoring science and reason.

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