Parents Charged With Murder After Praying For Sick Daughter Instead Of Getting Medical Treatment


Sarah and Travis Mitchell. Image via Clackamas County Sherrif’s Office in Oregon

I hate reading stories like this.

An Oregon couple, Sarah and Travis Mitchell, have been charged with the murder of their daughter. 

Sarah Mitchell gave birth to twin girls at their grandparents home with a midwife present, but no doctors. The twins were born very pre-mature and one the infants had serious breathing issues. Instead of taking the baby to the hospital, they prayed their newborn would get better and it quickly died.

Sarah and Travis Mitchell belong to the Followers of Christ Church, a church that believes in using prayer and ointments instead of medical treatments.

Faith healing stopped being a murder defense in 2011 when another couple failed to take their child to a hospital and the newborn also died.  That couple only got six years for manslaughter, but Sarah and Travis Mitchell will be charged with murder.

Yes, this is just a subset of Christianity, but it’s still part of the religion. People can justify criminal behavior because of their supernatural beliefs. We need to keep calling out these harmful beliefs to prevent future tragedies.

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