Christian Father Murders His Own Daughter Because She Dated A Muslim

Henriette Karra. Image via Facebook

Sami Karra, murdered his own daughter, Henriette, according to police. Sami Karra was livid that his daughter was dating a Muslim. Henriette, just 17 years-old, was stabbed in the neck three times when police found her body.

Sami Karra, an Israeli Christian, told his wife the following according to police reports:

“Forget about her, let her go to hell. It’s not worth another shekel to even chase after her. She’s garbage. We need to whip her, throw her away like a dog and see how she does. She’s already gone. I’m sick of her and you.”

Wow. It’s hard to imagine any father thinking of their own child like that. Sami Karra also told his wife, Aliham, that his daughter’s actions hurt the “family’s honor.” You know what else hurts your family’s honor? Murdering your own child.

Apparently, Henriette was considering converting to Islam, which only further enraged her parents. Henriette’s mother, Aliham, also reportedly threatened her daughter with violence. Henriette was fearing for her life and hiding from her parents before her death. She went to the police because of these threats and physical attacks. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to prevent this heinous act.

Sami Karra does have a criminal record that includes intimidation and drug dealing. However, it’s hard to ignore religion’s key role here. It’s just so difficult to think about how a man could murder his own daughter because of who she associates with or what beliefs she has.

My heart goes out to this young girl who lost her life for choosing to love someone and considering a different belief system than what she was indoctrinated in. I hope the parents are brought to the full extent of the law.

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