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According to Matthew_logoIn our latest episode of the According to Matthew podcast, we are joined by the awesome Jen Peeples. Jen is an aerospace engineer, activist, and co-host of The Atheist Experience. I’ve really enjoyed her episodes on The Atheist Experience, but didn’t really know much about her personally. Jen has a very interesting background of being an atheist lesbian in the military and becoming a literal rocket scientist.

Jen first shares her experience of becoming an atheist despite growing up in the Bible Belt and then how she went into the military. Despite studying sociology in college, Jen received her physics education from the military and became an aerospace engineer. Jen is still a strong advocate for the social sciences though!

Later on we discuss how Jen got more involved with activism once she moved to Austin, Texas where she started becoming involved with The Atheist Experience and has fought for many social justice issues as well. I really enjoyed chatting with Jen and was really inspired by her stories.

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