NFL Owners Will Decide Next Week If Players Must Stand For National Anthem

Image via Reuters screengrab

Next week the NFL owners will discuss a variety of policies at their meeting, one of which will be if players should be required to stand during the national anthem. Currently, the policy only encourages the players to stand, but it is not mandatory.

This is happening largely because of the White House getting involves with football. First Trump went to Twitter to express his outrage over kneeling NFL players and also called them “sons of b*tches.” Then VP Mike Pence went to a Colts game for his own protest.

Mike Pence posted on Facebook and Twitter that he left the Colts game because a few players knelt during the anthem. This was certainly premeditated as several players were planning on kneeling. (Pence couldn’t even Tweet a real picture from his time there as he used a picture from 2014.) This was clearly a PR stunt to defend blind nationalism and ended up costing taxpayers around $250,000. 

This is just getting ridiculous. The administration has no business interfering with the NFL over this. Their players are peacefully protesting. Putting pressure on the league and perhaps making it mandatory is a terrifying display of fascism.

We’ll see what the owners vote on next week, but it doesn’t help that there are exactly zero black NFL team owners. 

It doesn’t seem to matter that players have said repeatedly that their protests are not about the flag or the military. The White House and many conservatives have claimed it’s about the military and it’s a very convenient way of ignoring the racial issues of our country. It is quite telling that the White House is so outraged over a few black players kneeling, but seem to not care at all about another white supremacist march in Charlottesville.

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