“Transgender” And “Evidence-Based” Among The Words To Be Banned From CDC Documents

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These words have now reportedly been banned from the Center for Disease Control’s and other agency’s official documents by the Trump administration. Apparently, the Trump administration is creating a growing list of “forbidden words” that it does not want seen in official documents.

Agency spokesperson, Matt Lloyd, claimed no such bans are occurring, but didn’t give much detail why these words are not allowed in official documents.

Sadly, this isn’t new for the Trump administration. From “alternative facts” to restricting what the EPA can say about climate change, we have seen the current regime attempt to keep the truth away from it’s people.

The NY Times interviewed a former federal official (who requested to stay anonymous) and they called such tactics “Orwellian.” They also said such bans were not so much about censoring what the CDC can say to the American public, but more about avoiding certain words to increase chances of getting funded through grants.


I don’t even know what to say at this point. It’s just exhausting to deal with an administration who continues to attack evidence. It’s just embarrassing. But it’s not surprising. Trump is proving to be exactly what he showed us during the election season. An incompetent, ill-tempered, compulsive lying buffoon.

I’m glad I can still write that on my blog before I’m banned from saying anything bad about the president.

I can’t stop thinking about the liberals who argued Hillary and Trump were the same. They smugly stayed home or voted for wacky Jill Stein instead. And this is the result.

Conservatives are simply much better at putting their differences aside and support their “team.” Liberals struggle with that and that is one of the reasons why, Hillary Clinton, an immensely qualified candidate, lost to one of the most unqualified candidates we have ever seen.

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