Instead Of Gun Regulation, Florida Lawmakers Advance Bill Requiring Schools To Display “In God We Trust”

Image of US Capitol via Wikimedia Commons

Florida’s legislative priorities are just ridiculous.  After recently spending time declaring pornography as a health risk, Florida lawmakers now advance a bill requiring schools to display “In God We Trust.”  If the bill passes, it would require all schools to display the motto in a “conspicuous place.”

After the Parkland massacre, gun regulation bills have failed to advance through the legislature. However, this “In God We Trust” bill is gaining steam. It easily passed through the House with a vote of 97 to 10. The Senate introduced a similar bill last month so it seems like it would have support there as well.

Democrat Kimberly Daniels (who also runs a ministry) sponsored the bill. Daniels said that the bill is “so simple, just saying put a poster up to remind our children of the foundation of this country.” I’d like to point out here that it is not always Republicans that introduce unnecessary religious bills.

Daniels also said “It is not a secret that we have some gun issues that need to be addressed, but the real thing that needs to be addressed are issues of the heart.” She then continued to talk about God: “He’s not a Republican and he’s not a Democrat. He’s not black and he’s not white. He is the light. And our schools need light in them like never before.”

Atheists often criticize Christians for how their “thoughts and prayers” do not help after tragedies. I understand that prayer can make people feel better so that’s why I don’t have a strong opinion on the subject. However, if those prayers prevent people from taking action, then I have a problem. It’s sad to see this bill advance through the Florida legislature as it seems to be fueled by the idea that bringing God in schools will somehow help. It won’t. This bill is a waste of time and money and further alienates nonreligious Americans.

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