Tomorrow I’ll Be Speaking At The University Of Minnesota About The Science Of Religious Belief

I don’t usually mention if I’m giving a talk on my blog, but I figured I should share it on here just in case anyone is in the area! The secular student group at the University of Minnesota invited me to speak to their group Thursday, March 22nd at 7:00pm (central time). I’ll be speaking about the sociology, psychology, and neuroscience of religious belief. This is actually the 3rd time I’ve spoken in Minnesota and one of the many times I’ve spoken about the science of religiosity to secular groups/conferences.

I’ll try to record the talk on Facebook live via my public FB page, but we’ll see how that goes!

My talk, “Your Brain On Religion,” was first given at my own secular group in South Carolina way back in 2012! It’s been updated a lot over the years, but secular groups seem to enjoy it as I throw a bunch of science facts at them. I also go into more detail in this subject in the book chapter I wrote with other Patheos writers.  

I don’t give as many atheist themed talks as I used to, but I always enjoy talking to students and talking about science so I am happy to keep giving this talk. This talk stemmed from a hobby as something to read up on while I was working on my PhD in neuroscience, but now I’ve actually done some academic work on the psychology of religiosity. It’s not really my main area anymore, but I still enjoy it!

If I don’t end up figuring out the FB live, you can see a talk I gave on this subject at the 2015 Atheist Alliance of America Conference on YouTube. 


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