9/11 Reader: FTB’s ‘The X Blog’

Worth reading:

But the scary part is what comes out of it, and by now you have probably guessed my point. The Tea Party and things like the Tea Party. Strongly held anti-social illogical destructive beliefs with no hope of critical self evaluation, in a large and organized part of the population. It is obvious why this happened in the Republican Party and not the Democratic Party, but people on both sides of the political aisle have contributed. Literalist, libertarian, paranoid, self-centered, easily frightened, reactionary, sub-average in intelligence, deluded in self worth and unmovable in conviction and belief despite all evidence to the contrary.


It isn’t just that the terrorists won on that day; It is much much worse than that. First they beat us, then they recruited us to do ourselves in.


  • c0astal

    I’m not so sure about “sub-average in intelligence”.

    • Greg Laden

      It is hard to define intelligence but I can give you two clues: 1) Do you have beliefs that are about widely understood phenomena in which you are totally wrong even though all the information is available for you to not be wrong, and 2) Are you utterly convinced that you are correct no matter what?

      I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but I think above-average intelligence usually does not produce that. Could be wrong, though. I’m perfectly willing to be convinced that as a group, the Tea Partiers are of average intelligence.

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