I’m writing a piece called “10,000 years of speed bumps,” and I accidentally clicked the Publish button midway through it, and then kept writing.

So if you were one of the 46 people who apparently read it … ahem. I have no idea what you read, but it wasn’t finished. Pretend you never saw it, and I’ll post the completed piece soon. Sorry about that.

(I’m just glad I didn’t write a piece on Dick Cheney, and accidentally post it before I’d edited out the several dozen f-bombs.)


  • http://physicalism.wordpress.com/ Physicalist

    Didn’t see a thing. Mum’s the word. (I’ve done that too, and I don’t even blog . . . )

  • Daniel Schealler
  • Diana

    Well, I saw it, and read it, before I read this, and, um, even left a comment. I just thought it was short and pointed.

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