Fearsome creatures

I take pictures, did you know? Sometimes it’s just scenery, sometimes events with people in them.

But sometimes it’s scary things. It’s fairly woodsy here in upstate New York, and though I know most people from outside the state picture wall-to-wall cities, parts of it are actually pretty wild. I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but the state has some pretty big predators.

Living as I do on the edge of the wilds, I get to see them sometimes. Usually they’re safely distant, but just a few evenings ago, one of them came up INTO MY YARD. Right outside my window, in fact, in broad daylight!

I was lucky to have my camera. Picture after the fold.

(Click the pic to go to the source, which is on Flickr.)


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This is a gray fox, Urocyon cinereoargenteus. The pic was taken in low light, and through a window, so it looks a little fuzzy.

But hey, if you’re photographing a baby fox, fuzzy works, right?

  • rwahrens

    Aww, how cute! (mammal babies are always cute – that’s what keeps their parents from strangling them in their cribs – usually)

    Nice shot, by the way. I like nature pics, bugs, animals, insects, spiders the whole gamut. Digital photography is one love of my life!

  • steve

    As a young man, I was walking in a swampy area of a river delta, and I remember getting a strange feeling. Suddenly, I realized that a young gray was watching me from about eight feet up in a tree. I had no idea they could even do that.

    Truly wonderful animals.

    I wish I would have had a camera back then!

  • Roland

    Sometimes in the evening a gray fox will come up the steps and onto my deck and look through the sliding glass door as I sit on my sofa reading or watching TV. I just wish he wouldn’t leave his calling card for me to clean up. (SW Oregon)

  • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com WMDKitty

    That’s adorable!

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