Here’s a Church I’d Go To

The New Welcome Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama, is WAY more exciting than any church I ever went to!

“The mayhem erupted when the Rev. Darryl Riley told minister of music Simone Moore that he was no longer needed and gave him a final paycheck, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

“Moore disagreed with the amount of the check and an argument broke out, in which Moore wielded a Taser gun, according to the account given to deputies.”

The brawl spread among the godly congregation, and the music minister’s mother even suffered a slashing requiring surgery after Deacon Harvey Hunt reportedly leaped into the fray with a pocket knife. In all, six parishioners wound up at the hospital.

Tasers! Knife slashings! Blood spatters! That there is some kick-ass Sunday services.

  • michael

    No surprises there – Jesus has always insisted that his followers be well-armed and prepared for battle.

    Luke 22:36

  • raymoscow

    If thy brother turn the other cheek, taser that one as well.

  • Ze Madmax

    Blessed are the electrically conductive?

  • Aspect Sign

    If you get cut in a church brawl do you bleed your own blood or the blood of jesus?

    You know, I often thought that if a xian church really wanted to prove their faith they would have a weekly drawing where the winner would be crucified above the alter during the next weeks services. I’m sure it would bring in lots of new people.

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