Save Me, Sweet Baby Jesus, from Moving!

If you ever really want to curse someone, “May you have to move” would be a good one.

I’m moving from my little wild paradise, where I get to see things like this …

gray foxes
red foxes
whitetail deer
wild turkeys

and even this and this and this

all photographed right in my own back yard, not to mention this and this just a short stroll away …

… to a place in the city.

It’s a nice place, in the historic section of a historic eastern city (for instance, the bronze plaque on the front of my building dates the structure from 1824), plus there’s a statue of Larry the Christian Indian a half-block away (more about him later, I think) and a boatload of historic events and attractions, and I’m happy to be here.

But moving!

Moving everything you own, using a small pickup, with not much help, and to the third floor, up a narrow staircase!

Oh, please, never again!


BTW, that’s also why blog output has been limited lately. I’ll be back on the job soon, I promise.

— Meanwhile, do YOU have a recent moving story?

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  • dropkickpa

    Ugh, moving is the pits! I hate it so much, I moved back into my parents place (at 34!!!) to save up to buy a place just so I’ll never ever have to move again after this next time. I’d rather do just about anything than deal with moving. Although, I do have 5 brothers who will work for beer, so it isn’t nearly as bad as it could be, and even then I still hate it!!

    I hope your move goes smoothly and well!

    PS – I am really enjoying reading your blog, FTB has introduced me to severl new blogs that are right up my alley!

    • Rob

      Seconded. And may I say, Hank, that you are an excellent photographer also.

      • edivimo

        Third..ed? You’re a great addition Hank. Nice blogging.
        Back in the theme, I recently moved to a bigger house. Lucky for me, was a house near to my old apartment (walking distance) so everything was moved in a day. But my new house is still a mess by that moving, three weeks later…

  • Sean

    I’ve moved 3 times in the past year. My ex and I got a place together that I hated and contributed to the break up earlier this year. Then I moved my stuff into storage and crashed in a friends basement for the summer. I finally moved into a real house three weeks ago. Then I didn’t have internet until 4 days ago (I teach web design!). But now that I have a nice place, I’m blowing money to get nice stuff and fix things up. I’m sick of moving.

  • Howie

    Moving experience indeed. A time to uncover accumulated dirt, cobwebs, and missing jewelery, along with a couple of dimes and a penny from under the freezer – be held ransom for the atrocious cost of boxes and tape, and wrapping paper – not to mention the moving company if you are so unfortunate as to have a lot of possessions. Try to co-ordinate the shut down of utilities then mail out address changes and always manage to forget someone, or some obligation entirely. Spend every waking moment filling those expensive boxes with the accumulation of years worth of useless junk, and then find out even the charity stores don’t want half of it, and your friends will be by “later” to have a look through the piles of excess, when you finally decide not to take it with you.

    The moving van arrives lake – and the process is painful enough, but as the movers grow tired, they care less and less about handling your belongings with care, and great grandmothers rocking chair gets handled less delicately by a 280 pound sumo wrestler of a mover who could crush it in one hand. It’s growing dark by the time they finish, and you move back into the empty spaces to hastily clean the place up – eventually finishing my midnight – aware that the place never looked better and wondering why you’re moving in the first place.

  • Lori

    My sympathies, I feel for you. I’ve moved more times than I want to think about. All of them painful to one degree or another.

    From my Dad saying, every time we moved, “Get rid of more stuff, I’m not paying to move your junk.” To one of the latest when my husband, then fiance, and I loaded up 10 chairs (still not sure how I acquired so many), a table, buffet, china cabinet, a bunch of boxes, and lots of rope, lots and lots of rope. All in a small pick-up truck, that wasn’t in good enough shape to make the two hour drive empty, much less loaded up hillbilly fashion. The right side rearview mirror had fallen off so I would hold it out the window when he needed it! The process was painful, but it’s a good memory and we survived it — marriage is a piece of cake after that moving trip.

  • Camels With Hammers

    I don’t have a particularly interesting story, but I’ll just say it is one of the most awful chores in the history of chores. I got so burned out in college of having to move at the beginning and end of each semester that I spent the next five years in the same sub-optimal apartment just to avoid moving again.

  • machintelligence

    Old Scottish saying: Three moves are as bad as a fire!

    Glad you are here on freethought blogs. I’m now a regular reader.

  • Lauren Ipsum

    Best way to move (non-fragile) packed goods out of a house:

    Get a roll of tough plastic, like 6 mil. Tougher if you have it.

    Go up to the second floor of the house. Attach the roll to a wide window or balcony.

    Go back down to the ground. Spread out the end of the plastic and attach it to two large items, to make a ramp with some tension.

    Back up the moving truck to the ramp.

    Start sliding your boxes down the ramp. Have your helper catch the boxes at the bottom, and another helper load them into the truck.

    Beats fuck-all out of stairs. We emptied a whole apartment that way.

  • Trebuchet

    Moving. Shudder.

    I’m … old, I guess. Retired. We have two houses now, the main one and the vacation house where we may indeed settle one day when we can afford to sell the main one. Both full of stuff. Stuff. Too much stuff.

    Not much over a year ago, we finally finished clearing out my late parents’ house. They’d been there more than forty years but my mother was keen on not keeping to much so it wasn’t completely terrible. But, inevitably, it added to the stuff in our places. Family heirlooms, etc.

    Now we’re cleaning out my mother-in-law’s house. She’s still living, but can no longer stay by herself. Neither she nor her late husband ever threw anything out. He would actually prowl the alleys, looking for stuff other people had thrown away. She was an Avon lady for forty years, and bought lots of samples. LOTS of samples. All of which are pretty much still in the house. Mt. Avon is in the basement, because the attic had become full.


    Hank, I don’t know how you can leave a setting like your pictures show. (Except for the raccoon, you can have the %&#!&%*! things. Tore up the crawl space at the other place and had babies in the floor.) I expect it’s a career thing. I’ve actually turned down better jobs to avoid moving/commuting, and quit one for less pay to get out of the commute. But you’ve got to do what’s best for you.

  • Old Fogey

    I last moved about 15 years ago when I retired (and no, I’m not as old as that sounds).

    We moved from London way way out into the country, but we bought the house 18 months early by accident – we saw it, fell for it, and bought it in one day. It also is old – but this being the UK 1824 wouldn’t cut it – first evidence of our place is around 1600 and it is stuffed with history.

    Because of the long gap before we could fully move in, the transfer process was a doddle. Every other weekend we came down with the car loaded to the roof, a couple of trips with a van, and by the time we sold up in London there was almost nothing left.

    Easiest move imaginable.

  • Chakolate

    I last moved ten years ago, a terrible experience. Then six months ago when my landlord told me he was underwater with the mortgage and was going to have to sell, I decided to buy it, just so I wouldn’t have to move.

    So now, at 59, I am a first-time homeowner, a landlord (it’s a two-flat), and deeply, deeply in debt.

    Not sure, but I think that finally makes me a grownup.

  • davidct

    You have my sympathy. I had to move much of 20 years of stuff from Maine to Texas. I have come to truly understand the tyranny of stuff. I don’t have the richness of heritage and wildlife now but I don’t have to go that far to find some.

  • fastlane

    You want the whole list, or the shortened list? Warning: I grew up in the military, and now work in the aviation industry……

    Most recently, I moved from Wichita, KS (aka Dumbfuckistan), to Seattle. Much happier here.

    Even with the company taking care of paying for the moving, and having professional movers, it sucks major sweaty donkey nuts. They break stuff, we can’t find anything, 95% of our stuff is in storage while we’re stuck in a small apt waiting for out house in KS to sell (anyone wanna buy a nice home in Wichita, needs some sweat equity, but it’s a pretty cool house!).

    Even moving in town can be the pits, which, of course, we’ll have to do once we buy a house here.

    I expect we’ll probably be moving again in about 10 years….

  • Deanna Joy Lyons

    Rich and I moved 4 times during our first year of marriage.

    First I moved in with him, 2nd we moved to an apt next door that had a bedroom, then we got stomped on all the time so we moved into a new building which we *thought* had concrete floors, then finally into a top floor apt in the same building.

    We’re in our second year now, and have vowed not to move again until we absolutely have to. Gawds, that was hard.

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