Signs in the Heavens!

This was just a weirdly cool weather map from today, Sept. 28.

Rain in almost every eastern state. Not all one storm pattern, but multiple storms scattered around like spilled popcorn.


  • AlanMacandCheese

    I think you are looking at a composite of weather radar coverage which isn’t continuous.

  • Hank Fox

    Alan, it’s a single frame of a radar animation. When you look at the animation, you see these little popcorn storms building and decaying. They do seem to be real.

    • AlanMacandCheese

      I’ve been checking all the weather radars and it is not storm activity . It’s back scatter caused by very high humidity (90-95%) over the eastern half of the continent. Each blob you see is centered on a Doppler radar site. The satellite picture shows nothing except in New York and Louisiana.

      • mr_subjunctive

        Yup. This is pretty common at night (when the relative humidity is highest); it’s not rain. Occasionally one also sees the paths of rivers outlined on radar, because warm water with cool air over it will generate fog.

  • F

    Shockingly, nothing over northern Ohio at that time. I couldn’t believe it!

  • davidct

    Still dry in Texas. I guess we just have to pray harder.

  • Robert

    I don’t think there will be rain in Texas as long Perry is Governor .Frankly,I think god is pissed with Perry and for good reasons.

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