Death to Atheists!

The software that runs this blog (and all the blogs on FTB) includes some tools on the back end that show stuff like the total number of hits per day for the whole site, number of hits per day on each article, etc. It also has a little feature that shows, for the people who arrive here via Google or some other search engine, the exact search term they used.

Most of them are matter-of-fact phrases — “is bloomberg an atheist” — which connect in an obvious way with some story I’ve written, but others are a little bit mysterious — “manipulative jews” — as far as making me wonder why anyone would search such a thing, but also … why did it link to ME?? Oh, right, I illustrated Kitten, Cat or Tiger with mention of Nazi philosophy.

Some of them are slightly humorous (to me, anyway) — “the perils of atheism” — which I’d guess would link to a bunch of stories about how it was bad to be an atheist, but instead seem to link to a lot of stories about the dangers of being an atheist in a predominantly Christian society. Not the perils OF atheists, but the perils TO atheists.

This one from today caught my attention: “fight the athiests.”

(I love-hate that frequent misspelling of “athiest.” I can’t help but think “He is athe, she is athier, I am athiest.”)

The links thrown up in that Google search include, in the number two position, a link to my “American Blood” piece of yesterday. But the first position is “Exposing the Atheist,” which links to, purportedly the site of “Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the Ten Commandments.” (This site was produced by an EX-ATHEIST!)

I quote a couple of slightly comic selections:

Atheists hate God because they cannot survive happily and peacefully in a righteous society. The reason that is so is because they are servants of satan and thus high criminals in the sight of God.

Guess who the malicious computer hackers or crackers are who break into government and two out of three company computers – who produce computer viruses and Trojans, denial of service attacks against Internet Service Providers and who send hate mail, spam and E-mail bombs. You got it! Its mostly atheists.

Using my vast atheist powers, I looked up the owner of the site on the Who Is database, and it seems to belong to some guy in the center of Georgia. Peering down at him from space, it appears he lives at the end of a dirt road, in an 1800 square foot double-wide trailer on a 2-acre lot (details found elsewhere).

His name is on his site, Robert T. Lee.

Elsewhere, he is described as:

Robert T. Lee hates atheists, homosexuals, liberals, heathens, public schools, and The Media. But most importantly, Robert T. Lee hates America. America is an evil, Satanic country, based on a constitution written by the demonic finger of Satan, much like the righteous Ten Commandments were carved in stone by the righteous, powerful finger of God. He has proof.

Included in the festering mess on his site, which he has apparently been doing since 2004, there’s this slightly scary bit:

… atheists are committing terrible, terrible crimes in the sight of God. They are doing the devil’s will. In other words, they are breaking God moral laws and are great sinners before God. If the Law of God was properly established throughout the american society and the world community, all atheists would be condemned – many to death because of their death worthy crimes and because true justice would then rule. So they must do all they can to save their necks. Even the most “educated” of them are high criminals who are compelled to always look over their shoulders at pursuing righteous justice.

I’m not too worried about ol’ Bob there. I wouldn’t want to find myself alone in the woods with him, but otherwise “pimple on a gnat’s ass,” my Texas friends would call him, and probably in need of a little psychological counseling, or a few good friends. And certainly he has every right to say what he’s saying.

But …

He and people like him are very much worth noticing. Because he is calling for the death of people like me. Not for anything we’re doing — you know, like committing murder or rape, or even frequent malicious jaywalking — but because of what we THINK.

And I always have to wonder at people who claim God’s Law trumps the laws of men. I wonder how long it might take, following the logic that human laws mean nothing, that the vast majority of your fellow citizens are evil and satanic, and probably that you yourself are the lone defender of God’s truth, to get to the point where you think it’s all up to you to DO something to set things right.

"Best to you, Mr. Fox, and for your efforts."

Goodbye Patheos—Hank Fox Bows Out
"All the best, Hank! Your thoughts and words have always given me something to ponder."

Goodbye Patheos—Hank Fox Bows Out

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