The Bite of the Camel

Daniel Fincke of Camels With Hammers sent me an email asking me if he could quote and critique a comment I left on his site (“The Moral Argument for Free Will“) a few days ago.

I thought your second comment on my free will post yesterday raised a lot of important points for clarification and I think I want to base a post around replying to it. I often do this with my commenters’ remarks. In this case, though, since you’re one of my peers here at FTB, I’m cautious because I want to make sure you’re comfortable with remarks you make in the comments section (which sometimes aren’t as considered as an actual blog post) being put up prominently in the body of a new post and scrutinized and countered in detail. I don’t want to come off as picking on you. I am just excited because you are a gifted writer who can eloquently put the “blue collar redneck” case against “too much philosophical analyzing” and I like the idea of putting that case up and showing my philosopher’s reply to that.  But I worry about it coming off as patronizing or something.

Scrutinized and COUNTERED?? Dan, you madman, you think you can COUNTER my simple homespun redneck wisdom?

Do your worst, sir! Go ahead and be a phil-ossi-fer if you like!

Expect a visit from a couple of friends of mine, though. You’ll recognize them by the overalls and gappy teeth.

And banjos.

Dee-dee ding-ding-ding-ding-ding ding-dang.

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  • Camels With Hammers

    Seriously, reading my e-mail in a public blog post I fear I sounded like a condescending douche.

    My main concern was not about criticizing your remarks because you “couldn’t handle it” but because they came from the comments section where they were not necessarily your most considered remarks. And now it sounds like I treat those I arrogantly consider “my peers” with more delicacy and consideration than my normal commenters whose careless comment section remarks I apparently have no problem exposing and criticizing in public in my blog posts!

    And opposite of a bold freethinker, I look willing to soften my attack so as not to offend a fellow freethought blogger. AND in trying to avoid sounding like I was condescending to you by sounding like I was making your “blue collar redneck” remarks a chance for a “teaching moment”, I wound up sounding condescending by being so worried about it in the first place.

    So embarrassing! I was just trying to be polite, I swear! I have learned my lesson, next time I’m breaking the beer bottle on your head with no patronizing hesitation!!!

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