Why Adam & Eve REALLY Got Kicked Out

With apologies to Samuel L. Jackson …

Probably NSFW, so click ahead at your own peril.


  • quincyme1970

    Funny. :))

  • Artor

    Off topic: I’m seeing an ad for the Evolve Fish car stickers. Did you know that all of those, the Jesus fish, the Darwin fish, the Jesus shark eating the Darwin fish, the FSM, the Alien fish, etc. are ALL made by the same company?

    • Didaktylos

      On the same line – wasn’t “Colonel” Tom Parker the publisher of a lot of the anti-Elvis Presley posters, badges etc?

  • Deacon Duncan

    Yup, that must be it.

    @Artor: My favorite fish logo looked like the Jesus fish, but if you looked closer, inside it said “SUSHI”.

  • blorf

    I would love to have one that said “Ix-nay” inside it.

  • Robert Hagedorn

    Is Saint Augustine’s exegesis of the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Genesis correct? Do a search: First Scandal.

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