Yarrr … Who Be Readin’ Here?

I see from the stats how many people are reading here, but I don’t know who and where most of you are.

And it would be cool to hear YOUR voices for a change, those of you who have yet to comment (and even those who have).

Delurk for a moment and tell me something about you.

Besides, it be Talk Like A Pirate Day! Sure and I’ll be puttin’ the black spot alongside yer names, ye scallywags, if ye don’t speak up hearty!

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  • http://thecanberracook.blogspot.com Alethea H. Claw

    Yarr, matey, I be from the fabled land of Oz, or “Down Under” as some be callin’ it. Ye be new to my eyes, fresh since you were pressed t’ join this ‘ere pirate flotilla named “Freethought Blogs”. Avast!

  • 386sx

    //lurkin’ …


    //lurkin’ againeee!! ayyeeee!!

  • F

    I’m almost certain I’ve yammered about in your comments section previously, but hiya – I mean, yarrr. Ahoy matey. I be no one in particular, irregularly commentin’ on some sites. I’m something like a no-collar atheist, I expect.

  • MattC

    I’m a close neighbor in Saratoga Springs.

  • Antane A

    I am a mid-twenties lady in Bloomington,IN.


  • steveinmi

    Steve here… Vocal heathen and single father from Michigan. Thanks for your writing! Yarghhhh….

  • Gordon

    Avast… virus database has been updated.

    Hi, Irishman living in Scotland here, pop by often but irregularly ta pillage yer ideas ye scurvy dog.

  • rex vance

    Great information on this site. Keep it coming!

  • Jeff Thompson

    Contrarian land lubber from Idaho. Sorry if my pirate is a little rusty – ahoy!

  • http://www.kevland.com Johnny Vector

    Well met, my lord. Oops, wrong renfest accent, sorry! Yarr, I be a peg-legged, one-eyed, beer-swillin’ bastard from suburban DC. But I grew up in Flagpole, so there’s some Arizona in me. (That was back when AZ had governors like Bruce Babbitt, that you didn’t have to hang your head when speaking of.)

  • http://criticallyskeptic-dckitty.blogspot.com Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    I’m Kitty. I’m a transgender. I used to be a fundie. I used to be closeted and I used to ignore my identity. I am none of those now and I’m happier for having done it.

    (Would talk like a pirate, but my cognitive faculties are sorely diminished…)

  • Dave

    Arrrr Matey!

    A retired Marine and infidel living/working in the fabled nirvana of an Islamic Republic (aka Afghanistan). My real home is in the buckle of the Bible Belt, Tennessee.

  • Soren

    Hi there

    I am a 38 year old male Dane, living and working in Copenhagen.

    My gateway drug to skepticism was usenet back in the start of the 90ties when I met a creationist on some unrelated group. I thought hmm he has obviously misunderstood something, I’ll just explain why he is wrong and everything will be fine ;)

    Now, 20 years later I have learned differently. I have burned out on debating theists, truthers, creationists etc about 5 times in the intervening years.

    As of today I have to small children, one of them a 14 month old girl with a genetic abnormality, so all I can do is read a lot of blogs. I’ve mostly stopped commenting, since I do not have the time or commitment to follow up.

    I followded you and the others on Unscrewing the Inscrutable way back when, and was glad to stumble over you again here on FTB.

  • Lauren Ipsum

    Today be the weddin’ anniverrrrsarrry of me BIL and SIL, and every year I give ‘em forty (verbal) lashes for not takin’ advantage of it and gettin’ hitched in the fullest of pirate regalias. I mean, c’mon, wouldn’t “D’ye seize this wench t’be yer lawfully wedded pirate queen” be a cool vow?

    As for me, I’ve been an atheist all my life. My family’s all atheist, I married an atheist, I sincerely hope my kid grows up to be an atheist. Which pisses off my MIL no end. (Bonus!)

  • http://www.decrepitoldfool george.w

    Yarr, I be a Decrepit Old Fool from Normal, Illinois. A technology guy 20 years older than most of the people I work with, a godless heathern; not a pretty man but one who cares nought for the weather.

    (And I’m damn glad to see you back online!)

  • TX_secular

    I be in land locked Central Texas, matey. Be enjoyin’ ye posts.


  • http://RationallyThinkingOutLoud.com Jerrald Hayes

    It sort of funny but when I was a kid my nickname was “Yar” (long story) so when I saw this post in my feeds I thought you were asking me specifically a question.

  • Lynn Wilhelm

    Arrr. Avast ye Mateys and if ye don’t start swabbin the decks ye’ll be walking the plank afore we reach port.

    That concludes my comment in Pirate.

    I’m a landscape designer in NC beginning a career change to science teacher. It’s hard to be an atheist in the south, so the blogosphere is a true refuge. I love your writing and am so thankful to FTB for making it possible to find you.
    Keep up the great work!

    PS, anyone hear about Lucretius’ book on NPR this am? Krulwich and Greenblatt are fun; listen, don’t read. http://www.npr.org/blogs/krulwich/2011/09/19/140533195/lucretius-man-of-modern-mystery

  • redwood

    Missourian via NorCal having lived many years in Japan and wondering how interesting it would be to teach my students to talk like pirates tomorrow.

  • http://nwrickert.wordpress.com/ Neil Rickert

    Ahoy, landlubbers.

    (They say that it is International Talk like a Pirate Day).

    Originally from down under. Mathematician and computer scientist, now semi-retired.

  • Didaktylos

    49 years old, from the UK.

  • jimmiraybob

    Yarrrrr. I be a saucy mate aboard the ship SS Geology. Me troubles with the Church started when I gots meself outa the Catholic 1st grade dungeon wheres I was held. A strange lot they be with tales of dragons sailing on ships with regular folk. I sails the last 40 years upon the salty Realty Sea searchin’ for treasures.

  • Diana

    I’m so old, if I were a pirate, I’d be dead already. New reader from Texas, retired teacher, atheist, married to atheist, mother of atheists. Came here via Pharyngula.

    I’ve been a goat farmer, truck driver, secretary, teacher (in and out for years), weaver, spinner, poet, and a few other things, so I enjoy reading about your checkered past.

  • http://reedbraden.com Reed Braden

    Gay atheist blogger in Richmond, VA. Love your blog so far, but only recently found you after the FTB move.

  • Monica

    *waves* I’m 28, female, and surrounded by the madness in the heart of Texas. New to the blog as of the creation of FTB, but love it!

  • TV200

    I am 40 years old, been an atheist for as long as I can remember. Though, as a child, I thought there was something wrong with me because religion didn’t make any sense, and it was so prevalent. As an adolescent, I realized that I wasn’t the problem.

    Apart from that, professionally, I am one of the owners of a small scooter/motorcycle shop in Washington, D.C. (though, living in Baltimore means I spend a ridiculous amount of time, and mileage, commuting).

  • http://crommunist.wordpress.com Crommunist

    Crommunist here – author of progressive/skeptic/anti-racist blog “the Crommunist Manifesto”. Member of CFI Vancouver, health services research scientist, musician, blogger. Started reading when you ported over to FTB.

  • Jyotsana

    Yarr!! I’m a 40 year old stay-at-home mom, tabletop RPG’er, and hobbiest bellydancer. I, too, found your blog thanks to the launch of FtB. Ahoy from Oregon!

  • JoeKaistoe

    Yarrr! From Saskatchewan up in the great white land of Canada I be from. I be a mechanical engineer.

    Been a land-lubbing, religion-not-caring person for all me life, except for one year of believin’ and me somewhat recent active disbelievin’.

    FtB be makin’ a wise choice havin’ ye on, I be seeing many parallels from yer blog to the areas around me, and yer writing talent ’tis admirable.

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  • Ursula

    I’m a closet atheist (catholic on paper for the time being) from Germany. Since I’m employed by a catholic hospital I will actually loose my job if I would sever my ties to the church.

    I would have pegged myself a lukewarm agnostic until a year ago when my nephew (who is raised by a born-again mother) called me stupid for trying to explain evolution to him. That’s when I found I had to take a stand – at least within my family.

  • Lisa

    Love yer blog, matey. Thanks fer writin’ — an atheist buccaneer in Texas

  • Robert

    I’m a danish male.I’m a retired teacher of philosophy and music. I’ve been a strong believer but are no longer.Today I call myself an atheist.It’s very easy to be an atheist in Denmark,most people are.When we hear about the hate from christians against atheist in America we can’t hardly believe it,we simply don’t have that mindset.I read your blog with great interest and joy. Greetings.

  • olddaad

    I’m an old retired grandfather from Georgia currently exiled to living down in Plano, Texas. I’m just a blue collar guy who enjoys the simple things in life and your down-to-earth musings.
    We non-believers need more bloggers who write more from their heart, not being afraid to show the world we can have high-minded thoughts generated by our feelings and not just from book learning.
    Keep up the good work.

  • rwahrens

    Yar, maties! Greetings from the People’s Republic of Maryland!

    (Hey, that’s my pet name for it, since I moved here from Texas. Back when I was an unrepentant republican, and the name seemed to fit. Now that I am a more sensible and older atheist, I’ve moved a bit leftwards and see it as an amusing leftover from my delusional days…)

    Born and raised Texan, transplanted to Maryland twenty-four years ago to work for Uncle Sugar, am now enjoying reading all of this heathenistic soul-searing wonderment daily.

    Keep it up, it is a wonderment to me that so many now feel the same way I do! I REALLY feel for all of you folks still stuck in Texas…all while wishing I was thirty years younger and able to be back there to help fight the good fight to bring enlightenment to the Texas unwashed masses.

  • Art

    Arrr … I be a middle age skilled tradesman with a scientific bent living in the sunshine state. Both physically and mentally … mostly … or as best I can manage given the wind and tide.

  • RickU

    Checkin in, as I do occaisonally. Congratulations on the new site!

  • procrastinator will get an avatar real soon now

    Greetings Neighbor from sunny Iowa. I`ve been readin’ yer blog fer about 3 voyages now. Scallywaggin’ fine prose.
    Retired an’ lovin’ ‘t.

  • sumdum

    Ahoy there! I’m writing this from the Netherlands, a small country with a big seafaring history. Though mostly merchant ships, so I suppose pirates are our natural enemy..
    I’m 32, raised christian but now atheist. I’ve always been pretty shy and hum.. socially awkward so I turned to reading. I liked reading about the Roman empire, ancient Egypte, the Mayans and so on. I noticed there’s plenty of religions and they can’t all be right. So I figured, how could I be sure christianity was right ? And ofcourse you notice the similarities between religions and mythology, the same figures with different names appearing in each, etc.
    Anyway, around age 10 I no longer believed in god.

  • david

    48,Manchester (the real one)

  • wereatheist

    Kraut from Berlin, Germany. I’m an acommodationist of sorts, but once in a month…..
    By coincidence, yesterday we had an election here, and a party called ‘Piraten’ got lotsa votes, yarrrr!

  • Sean

    Today is my birthday! I’m 33 as of 3:16 this morning. I used to do FaceBook challenges every day, but I couldn’t keep coming up with interesting questions. Mr. Blue Collar used to participate. Would he like to start his own?

  • Martha

    Arrr Maties, Message in a bottle: Born to a desperately sweet-minded, Jesuit & Harvard Law educated, self-appointed expert in apologetics. Married a scientist on the grounds that he wouldn’t need to tell me what to think. Read Sam Harris post-911. Read God Delusion while feeling smothered on a visit home. Poor, sweet-minded father died in January. During his illness read atheist blogs with one side of brain, while ordering an Irish rosary for him with the other. Sorted the books in his empty bedroom- Thomas Merton, Karl Rahner, Bernard Lonergin, Rienhold Niebuhr, John Paul II & (ugh) Cardinal Ratzinger; America magazines & Right-to-Life appeals while listening to a steady stream of atheist podcasts. Without admitting to being atheist, got in argument with sibs who asserted that atheists held a “belief”. Drove kids & cousin halfway across country to funeral, listening to Terry Pratchett the whole time. Spent Easter wishing I could be at the convention in Iowa with people who might grok the strangeness of this whole thing. Glad you’re here.

  • pondoro

    Born and raised in southern Alberta before escaping to Nova Scotia where I’m now attending university. In my life I’ve been a farm boy, a welder, musician and hunting guide. Raised catholic but started doubting around the time of my confirmation.

  • Dennis

    I am a Geophisicist by training(not Phd)who works on defense programs as a Program Manager. I build stuff!! Mostly science and technology – I do satellites, chemical and biological, underwater things, sensors – sometimes dangerous stuff mostly not. I am a godless liberal who understands the effect some of these programs may have on humans. I belive in defense cuts. I may post if topics cross any of these thresholds.

  • Chiral

    I’m a new reader since the FTB inception as well. I’m an electrical engineer who would rather be a farmer (I volunteer at someone else’s farm at this point), but can’t afford to quit my job until we join the civilized world by getting universal health care. I live in Idaho now, but have lived in many states. We moved around a lot since my dad was in the army.

    I have been enjoying your blog quite a lot, so thank you.

  • iota

    I am not a big talker but do read a lot and love your writing. I remember you from UTI and glad you are here now.

  • Ctenotrish

    My ‘best’ (I do use the term ‘best’ loosely) Pirate joke: “What’s a Pirate’s favorite letter? Arrrrrrrrrr! My young niece and nephew love that one!

    I am a liberal atheist in South Dakota. At least Texas has Austin, right? I keep all stickers off my car, because nobody will key your car for the presence of a Darwin fish faster than a ‘good’ christian will. Like many commenters above, I found your site when FTB came into being. I do plan to stay awhile, I quite like it here.

  • kennypo65

    I’m a 45 year old chef, amateur astronomer, and animal lover. I live in Finleyville PA. I’ve been an atheist most of my life just never admitted it till a few years ago. I like your blog because you’re an animal lover like me. I am currently the best friend of a beagle mix that I found as a pup on the side of the road in the middle of winter 8 years ago. His name is Lucky.

  • http://sciencenotes.wordpress.com/ Monado

    A humble science blogger from Toronto, Ontario.

  • http://sciencenotes.wordpress.com/ Monado

    Rwahrens, on the Internet no one knows how old you are. I could refer you to Ring Tailed Lemurian, who sounds to me like a snarky teenager (the good kind) but in reality is a retired Brit. His mind is still young. You can be out there with the best of them countering the lies and making fun of the foolishness. Can’t give up on Texas! I have cousins there. I wish you luck!

    Hank, I’ve been reading you since before you threw your blue pencil at your employer for saying something mean about atheists.

  • machintelligence

    I’m a 63 year old Denverite and have been an atheist for 50 of those years. I was confirmed a Lutheran (I may still have the record for Sunday school attendance at the little church in Chicago where I grew up), but I could always tell the difference between fact and fiction. I quit the church about a month after confirmation. I have a Masters degree in biology (avian ecology and population dynamics) but I’m not a practicing biologist. I have always made my living (including keeping myself in groceries during grad school) by doing construction and handyman work.
    Awful pirate joke: Which fast food chain is favored by pirates?

    Taco Bell

    Not Arrrrrrby’s

  • http://Www.meerkatmeade.com Darth Marmalade

    Greetings! My real name is Thomas, I live near Baltimore, MD, and command robots armed with lasers. My parents were both skeptical, but couldn’t cast off their religious backgrounds. I’ve inherited their fascination with the Bible and religion, but blogs like yours have helped me find a path away from the old superstitions. I don’t think I found your blog before FTB, though; definitely a positive step. Meanwhile, I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since 1972 (I noticed that mention of a “black spot”!) — I’m happy that the Doctor is back.

  • Daniel Schealler

    Well, my name is Guybrush Threepwood and I’d like to be a mighty pirate.


    I’m a 26 year old Kiwi living in New Zealand (incidentally, I really don’t give a damn about rugby – I have to put at minimum $10 on the outcome of a game before I give a damn).

    I’ve got a lowly little B.Sc. (CompSci) from Auckland University. Currently have four year’s worth of experience working as a .NET (C#) Application/Web Application developer for a small (and very cool) software company.

    Came to atheism/humanism/secularism/naturalism/whatever via the long route. I grew up in Australia. My parents are nominally Catholic, but only ever really seemed to actively believe in God or the afterlife at funerals and when visiting graveyards. Despite that I was something of a pious little brat.

    Example: Occasionally Dad would secretly give me lunch money as a treat to go along with my packed lunch, and when picking me up in the afternoon he’d ask what I bought with it. I’d puff my chest out and proudly declare that I put it in the mission for the poor. Yeah. Go me.

    Then around the age of 13 or so the old brain started kicking in, and I began to question things more. Over the next six years or so I started to really lash out at religion intellectually – but that was really just practicing the intellect for the sake of practicing the intellect. By 17 or 19 I started to calm down a bit, and thought of myself as an agnostic regarding God simply because I’d stopped caring enough to have a stronger opinion.

    A while back I stumbled into Buddhism. Got really keen on old Tenzin, and did an hour of Zazen nearly every day for about 18 months (30 mins in the morning, 30 mins at night – plus a 2-hour sesshin on Tuesday nights). 18 months in I had a bit of a freaky experience – I think it was what zen literature refers to as the ‘fear body’ – where I just completely and utterly freaked out with formless terror during meditation for absolutely no reason. Sesshin wasn’t available that month, so Sensei Amala wasn’t available for any guidance… And it wound up putting me off zazen for quite some time. I’ve never gotten back into the routine properly since then.

    I started getting my spiritualism-fix from Buddhist writings – Phillip Kapleau, Suzuki, Dogen, Bodhidharma, Tenzin. I tried my hand at some of the Suttas but, barring a few hidden gems, found them to be largely incomprehensible.

    Then I stumbled on this guy called Krishnamurti (Google Chrome, you are so random – ‘Krishnamurti’ and ‘Bodhidharma’ are in your spellchecker but ‘Euthyphro’ isn’t). In an interview he explained his view that that people were too quick to abandon their own traditions in the hope that a new tradition would resolve their problems – but he said that was wrong, and a better idea was to see if you could make your tradition work for you before giving up on it.

    I also went to a talk given by the Tenzin in Auckland at about this time, and he said something very similar.

    So, I thought, what the hell is my tradition anyway? I had a vague notion it went back to Aristotle, but really didn’t know anything about the history of western philosophy and thought. It never came up in high-school, and the philosophy 101 course I took at Auckland Uni only went into manipulating symbolic logic, not the history, thoughts and the ideas.

    So I started looking into Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Gorgias, Pythagoras… And fell completely and utterly in love. It’s almost tragic, in a sense. I should have been exposed to these thinkers at a much earlier age, but it never came up in an accessible form. Whenever it did come up it was in the context of being dry and boring and inaccessible, so probably not worth my time. But that’s not true at all, not even a little.

    I wish I could go back in time and hand my 15-year-old self a copy of Euthyphro, Apology and Phaedrus. I really missed a decade, there.

    Anyway – around the same time I was off discovering these thinkers, I was also responding to the ‘Intelligent Design’ nonsense that had started up so publicly in America, and picked up the God Delusion, Breaking the Spell, and the rest.

    Started a couple of blogs and had a few brief moments of good writing – but never really had the time or energy to dedicate to writing properly. I’ve been back to my old blog(s) a couple of times. They’re four years old or so now, and it’s very weird. Feels like reading my own high-school poetry. Most of it makes me cringe, but some of it is good to the point where I don’t think I could reproduce it now. I’ms sure in another 5 years I’ll hunt down some of my writing now and think the same thing.

    So – yeah. That’s me and atheism.

    My girlfriend and I have been together for about 3 years now.

    When we first started dating she mentioned astrology, and I scoffed. She set out to prove it to me. She asked for my star-sign, and I told her ‘Capricorn’. She pulled out this tome of astrological lore and started reading out the Capricorn description to me. Naturally, nearly everything fitted me down to a T.

    “You see,” she said, triumphant.

    “Well,” I said, furrowing my brow. “That’s all a little bit vague, don’t you think?”

    She scoffed. “No, now you’re making excuses. It was spot on.”

    Me: You’re sure?

    Her: Of course.

    Me: So it couldn’t just be openly worded so as to apply to nearly anyone?

    Her: Stop trying to wiggle out of it. I’ve got you and you know it. Astrology is real.

    Me: *starting to smirk*

    Me: So it can’t possibly be a coincidence, then?

    Her: No, of course not.

    (Later when telling this story to my mother, she started laughing at this point, because her mind just clicked. “You complete asshole,” my mother hissed with a grin. “You’re a Sagittarius. You bastard!.”)

    Me: That’s interesting.

    Her: Why?

    Me: I’m actually a Sagittarius.

    Her: … What?

    Me: No really. My birthday was last month, remember? You asked me out that week?

    Mer: …

    Mer: *hits me over the head with the astrology book*

    Somehow I managed to not get dumped for that. 3 years later and we’re very happy together.

    My partner is Malay – which means that Malaysia considers her Muslim by definition, which is pretty fucked up. Her background is Muslim, but she herself isn’t particularly hardcore about it. When I was doing all this atheism stuff we started reading the Qu’ran, each for the first time… And she was rather annoyed with the text for not living up to her expectations. In practice she’s something of a deist/pantheist, but still retains the Muslim label out of a connection to her roots.

    A year ago we got a cat from the SPCA. Her name is Kit. Kit is lovely.


    Yeah, that’s about it, really.


  • http://mostraum.wordpress.com Eva @ Mostraum Viewpoint

    De-lurking. Right.

    So yesterday was speak like a pirate day… I was wondering why LibraryThing was speaking pirate to me. My dad was a sailor and so is my brother, so I can speak sea (trade not pirate) in Norwegian.

    Other than that I’m a mid-forties woman living in Bergen, Norway. I answer to several labels, a few of which are: female, temperamental, cat owner, lesbian, librarian, aunt, sister, daughter, friend, reader, golfer, golf rules official, partner, atheist…

    As a kid I found religion scary and unfair. As a young adult I tried my hand in new-ageish things without ever becoming deeply committed to anything, my common sense always got in the way. I gradually changed my self-identification from agnostic to full-blown atheist, and gradually became more vocal about it.

    I started following this blog when you migrated to Freethoughtblogs, having already followed Greta Christina, Jen at Blag Hag and Pharyngula for a good while. I read quite a few of your posts, but not all, and I’m not good at commenting :-)

  • V. Riga

    De-lurking for the first time ever… 29 year old, female, procrastinating grad student, who enjoys living in rather godless northern Germany (compared to growing up in the catholic south)

  • TV200

    @ Death Marmalade #52

    I’ve been a Doctor Who fan since 1972

    1980 here.
    But, I am building a full size Dalek………

    • http://Www.meerkatmeade.com Darth Marmalade

      Ah! A full-scale Dalek will be awesome! I knit myself a Tom Baker scarf a few years ago. And a full-scale police box is high on my to-do list.

  • J

    19yo engineering student from Aus.

    I like your humour and… worldliness(?), so you’ve become my second favourite blog on the site, which I came to for Pharyngula.

  • mythrissa

    I’m an Australian medical doctor living (and freezing) in Finland. I come from a fundamentalist christian home, but after a long and painful journey, I consider myself an atheist. One of my favourite things about Finland is how marginal religion is here – in general conversation people are more likely to be embarrassed to admit that they are religious than to say that they are atheist.

    I have a pretty good ‘conversion’ story. When I was in my fundamentalist christian high school, our religious studies class wrote a letter to the editor of our state newspaper to protest mandatory teaching of evolution. A UWA (University of Western Australia) biology professor wrote a reply challenging us. I was so concerned about how a biology professor could deny the *overwhelming* evidence for creation, that I sent him a copy of Creation Ex Nihilo technical magazine. He sent back to me a copy of Dawkin’s The Blind Watchmaker – which was the start of my journey out of the shackles of fundamentalism.

    I followed Pharyngula here to Freethoughtblogs, and then fell in love with your promotion ad for your book! If they had mentioned more about ’14 inches of rock hard passion of the christ’ when I was a guilt-ridden, sex-crazed, fundamentally confused christian teenager, I might not have left the faith!

    I don’t normally reply very much (in fact I’ve never delurked at Pharyngula, despite reading for over a year), but I really enjoy reading your blog. I like to describe myself as an atheist in search of transcendence (the least wooish word I can find to describe the search for meaning and beauty in our lives), so I find your posts -e.g. about atheist culture, the earthman’s journey, about things that matter – thought provoking and reassuring.

  • MovableBookLady

    Semi-retired, live in an RV fulltime, travel the country, was bookdealer for 20+ years (used/rare), raised R.C. but got over it early, am enjoying FTB in a hearty, pirate-y sort of way. Just had reunion for classes of 1955-65 for Livorno H.S. Camp Darby Italy — I bought a great made-from-scratch cake from a local bakery.

  • maverick

    40 year old in Australia. own a sports store in a country town. Married to a full-on fundie young-earth christian (yeh, i know…)

    spend my time playing golf and trying to undo all the crazy my 2 little kids get from their mother and her church friends.

    I try not to sweat the little (or big) stuff. personal philosphy is to “travel light”, ie emotionally, materially, aspirationally.

    life is really short and is great cosmic fluke of chemistry and physics. before too long i’ll be gone and there’ll be no evidence of my time here, so i try not to spend too much time swimming up-stream in life’s river of shit.

    You write beautifully Hank, thanks for the insights into your life.

  • hauntfox

    I’m a 25-year-old female from the conservative blue state (that’s my affectionate term for it, anyhow) of New Hampshire. Recovered Catholic/Pagan/Agnostic (in that order). Coast Guard-licensed marine engineer, but I work at a power plant. I love archery, bowhunting, sewing, music (sorry, rap and hip hop do NOT qualify as music. period.), cooking, and guns. I ride a motorcycle and have a mild obsession with Star Trek TOS and Frank Herbert’s Dune series. I’m a shameless geek, thanks mainly to my mechanical engineer dad.
    “Hauntfox” was the title of a book by Jim Kjelgaard that I read in sixth grade; it’s been my online nickname since using AIM back in middle school.

  • Gary Van Dyke

    Gary here from the bible belt of Oregon. Its nice to hear from like minded humanist, secular type folks.

    I followed Pharyngula here and it was a pleasure to find so many other resources like your blog. I know i’ll come back often. Thanks for taking the time to maintain this blog.

  • jasmine

    Hello! I have been following Pharyngula and Blag Hag and I’ve been very happy with the new move to FtB. I am really enjoying Blue Collar Atheist.

    Anyway, about me. I’m a 25 year old female living near and working in Salem, Oregon. I have a degree in Film Production, but while I work on some film projects here and there, I’m not really sure what I want to do right now. I’m kind pinned in by my college loan debt and I’m not feeling a lot of passion for anything at the moment. I work at an indie movie theater to pay the bills.

    I’ve been a life-long Atheist and never tried to hide it or anything, so it was interesting to hear about people having to “come out”. It must be pretty difficult. That being said, I do mostly lurk on the Atheist blogs, but you’ll see me around once and a while.

    Here’s my pirate joke:
    What is this movie rated? It’s rated ARRR, for pirates.

  • kshep

    Hello. 46-year-old atheist dad, grandpop, husband, blues bassist, mechanic and printing press operator living in Michigan with the missus and all three grandkids, aged 5, 4, and 6 months.

    Life is an adventure, indeed.

    • heidi

      Yaar, I am a 45 years old female atheist farrier who enjoys making others walk the plank. I also raise sheep and goats and I train border collies for livestock work and trials.

  • bree

    It’s not so much I never had a relationship with God and all that entails. I still very much believe in something greater than myself. I just can’t figure out what that greater love is. I NEED to believe I will see my loved ones in the afterlife, as I had them ripped away from me at an early age…( I was raised Christian). But I can’t associate myself with a hateful and narrow minded way of thinking, which I feel most religions promote. I want to believe, unfortunately I can’t support an ideological way of thinking “I’m right, you are wrong, that is how it is”.

  • aarondeemer

    Hi, I’m a 30-year-old IT guy. Grew up Protestant, but gradually deconverted, finally settling on atheist about a year ago. Just started reading your blog after finding FTB when PZ and Atheist Experience moved here. A fascinating read, so far.

    By the way, have you heard about the sale on pirate corn? It’s a buck an ear!

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