A Different Kind of Prayer

This is probably old-verging-on-ancient. But it’s new to me:




















  • hotshoe

    New to me, too. I have some Irish (catholic) family. I don’t know whether they’d be offended or laugh at this. Guess I’ll err on the side of not sharing it, in case of offense … but thank you for sharing it here!

  • geocatherder

    I like it. Alas, I’m only indulging in non-alcoholic beer right now (and manufacturers could do a damned sight better at producing it. I want dealcoholized British beer, dammit! Or U.S. microbrews. Something with FLAVOR. As it is, the Germans and Dutch seem to have cornered the “tastes like something good” market.)

  • sumdum

    The dutch ? No, the Belgians. We gave the world Heineken, they gave the world stuff like Duvel and Jupiler.

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