My bad.

Okay, that’s the last time I do that.

I thought I’d try posting all eight parts of Grizzly’s Gamble at once, but it turns out that wasn’t a good idea.

The site stats appear to show that a significant number of people are reading part 8 first, which is totally my fault. It IS stacked at the top of the screen, above the other parts.

The bad part, from both the readers’ and writer’s viewpoint, is that it dilutes the impact of the piece. It’s like giving away the ending of the movie before viewers watch the first part. “Oh, so Bruce Willis is dead, huh? And the gimmick is that Haley Joel Osment is the only one who can see him? Huh. I don’t know, what else is on?” And sure enough, some of the readers of part 8 didn’t read any farther.


  • Cuttlefish

    Hey, the good news is, research sez that spoilers don’t spoil. Seriously.

    With your writing… they’ll be back to read the rest. And they’ll love it.

  • ohioobserver

    I actually saw that it was ordered in part 1…part2…part 3…etc. I read it in that order. It was superb. You get the Isaac award for best explanation of real life through scientific principles.

  • Camels With Hammers

    Great, and now you went and spoiled the Sixth Sense too!

  • JesseW

    I don’t know if the blog software allows this, but one option for your longer pieces is to post them in a single “static page” like item (or just a post that gets updated), then simply post notices like: “I’ve done part 2 now!” when you update the main post. This has the advantage that the essays are in easily readable, correct order after you finish them, but you still get to work on them in parts, and get feedback and encouragement during the process.

  • Glenn Davey

    It’s only part 8 that matters. Duh.

  • Glenn Davey

    All the rest is vanity.

    Like when I read the God Delusion and skipped to the end of the book, “So God is a delusion, huh? Not real? Humans made him up? Cool. What’s for lunch?”

  • Strategically Shaved Monkey

    The god squad should try selling the bible like that. Just advertise the last book and tell the kids it’s a Darren Shan tribute.

  • Dorothy

    Naa. I disagree. Well written, well organized, and a real pleasure. And a well thought out reminder that we really are the meanest somabich in the valley.
    Mind you, I may not be a good critic. I also love Cuttlefish.

  • george.w

    I read it in reverse order via rss, enjoying every bit. Fully aware i was traveling backwards – I guess some people are just weird.

    Be sure to include it in your next book!

  • Phledge

    Well, gosh, when I saw where it said “…part 8″ and I was fully aware of the fact that I hadn’t read parts 1-7? I went to part 1. Not particularly difficult, right?

    And I liked all of it. Made me pretty sad, actually.

  • geocatherder

    I, too, am still working through the parts in order. Don’t worry about it, Hank. Most people will figure it out.

    Oh, and your writing is, as always, excellent and thought-provoking.

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