Are You Voting for God?

  • Aliasalpha

    Could Burt be worse?

  • larianlequella

    Burt has the advantage of being real! Not sure this is a fair fight. And did that gawf fellaw actually file paperwork for this election? I suspect voter suppression on this one! ;)

  • Yellow Thursday

    Aaaargh! Why must I choose the lesser of two evils? Dunworth’s mudslinging completely leaves out what he’s actually FOR (besides inflicting diabetes on eaters of frosted mini-wheats). We should completely do away with the office of Almighty Lord and let the corporations write the laws.

  • mikelemieux

    Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this “God” fella’s birth certificate. Just sayin’….

  • cholten99

    But but but… That episode of Buffy is classic.

    What’s the word here on tactical voting…? :-p