Fanboy Says Yes! to Avengers Trailer

I hope I’m not the last person on Earth to see THIS.

Oh man, I’m soooo looking forward to the movie.

Since about the second Spider-Man movie, I’ve noticed a sharp uptick in the hits in the superhero genre.

Iron Man was just about the best action movie I think I’ve ever seen, and Captain America was awesomely well done.

  • lordshipmayhem

    A movie about the Avenger, and nothing resembling it in the entire picture? Not even a single Grumman of any type? And no aircraft carriers? What kind of movie is this. At least they could have made some similar aircraft stand in for a Grumman Avenger.

    • Andrew Hall

      I like the P-51 myself. Maybe they could throw a superhero named Mustang in the film?

  • AsqJames

    A movie about the The Avengers, and nothing resembling Honor Blackman or Diana Rigg in the entire picture? Not even a single bowler hat or umbrella of any type? And no doctors? What kind of movie is this?

  • Tom Clark

    I usually don’t like superhero movies unless they have Patrick Stewart in them. When people ask why, I say “Because I like Patrick Stewart.”

  • fastlane

    I think I just had a nerdgasm. Thanks Hank!

    I have Capt. America ordered through netflix (Yeah, I know, big loss of geek cred there, but I was moving halfway across the country…) and just saw Thor. The Avengers is coming out just in time for my birthday!

    • Ray Moscow

      A friend of mine was in the Captain America movie (in a minor role), but I missed seeing it in the cinema. It’s top of my rental list (as soon as it’s out in the UK, that is).

      Anyway, I look forward to The Avengers.

  • Dunc

    AsqJames beat me too it – The Avengers are John Steed and Emma Peel.

  • Lou Doench

    This entire Avengers storyline has been brewing since Iron Man and it has me completely hooked. Perfect superhero films. I especially like how they rescued the Hulk from that Ang Lee mess.

  • Glendon Mellow

    Oh please. Peel and Steed? Srsly?

    I can either watch people drink tea and fight with umbrella swords or I can watch a team of disparate superpowered folks fight using a lightning hammer, repulsor beams, giant green muscle and Whedonisms.

    Avengers Assemble!

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