His Master’s Voice

A majority of those responding to my Thoughts? Suggestions? Complaints? post seem to be okay with (or actually prefer) multi-part posts, so I’m going to continue them. As suggested, I will also add links at the beginning and end of each piece in a series, and will also indicate in the title how many total parts there are.

In addition, though, for those who like to read all the parts together —  and if time permits — I’ll try to repost the entire multi-part piece as a single long post.

I’ve been reminded that the 5th part of The Fate of Broken People has yet to show up, and … argh. I thought I’d posted it, but I now find it’s NOT posted, and only about 90 percent finished. I promise I’ll have it soon. The stitched-together followup will work well with this one, considering the time that’s passed since the first four parts.

Also still out there somewhere has been a piece on Free Will, an answer to a challenge from FTB fellow-blogger Camels With Hammers. Ditto on the “soon” promise.


And … Steve Jobs died? Damn.

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