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A majority of those responding to my Thoughts? Suggestions? Complaints? post seem to be okay with (or actually prefer) multi-part posts, so I’m going to continue them. As suggested, I will also add links at the beginning and end of each piece in a series, and will also indicate in the title how many total parts there are.

In addition, though, for those who like to read all the parts together —  and if time permits — I’ll try to repost the entire multi-part piece as a single long post.

I’ve been reminded that the 5th part of The Fate of Broken People has yet to show up, and … argh. I thought I’d posted it, but I now find it’s NOT posted, and only about 90 percent finished. I promise I’ll have it soon. The stitched-together followup will work well with this one, considering the time that’s passed since the first four parts.

Also still out there somewhere has been a piece on Free Will, an answer to a challenge from FTB fellow-blogger Camels With Hammers. Ditto on the “soon” promise.


And … Steve Jobs died? Damn.

"Best to you, Mr. Fox, and for your efforts."

Goodbye Patheos—Hank Fox Bows Out
"All the best, Hank! Your thoughts and words have always given me something to ponder."

Goodbye Patheos—Hank Fox Bows Out

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