It’s Long Past Time For A NAP

Those of you in the U.S., you’ve probably heard about this  by now. But in case you haven’t, there is now a political party for unbelievers.

The National Atheist Party is forming RIGHT NOW, and is probably going to sweep like wildfire across American society.

Whether it does or not, though, we’re going to see some very serious shit come down in the near future in the U.S., and it’s time WE had some say in how things go.

We’ve left all the big decisions to the godders for the past several thousand years, and look at how THAT turned out.

We are an American political party, uniquely formed as a true, constitutional movement, reaching out to all who seek a secular government as outlined in the First Amendment to our United States Constitution. Our mission: To politically represent U.S. atheists and all who are drawn to our mandate, in a political process that has thus far marginalized and ignored one of the largest and growing segments of the U.S. population.

The National Atheist Party is a diverse, all inclusive, progressive, secular political movement and a response to the lack of representation for all free thinking people who are legal, law abiding citizens of the United States. We demand emancipation from the religious dogma that has infiltrated our government and has unfairly influenced political decisions and policy making. We are for the people, by the people, and therefore incorporate the right to use the power of the people to restore equality to our Democracy using reasonable, rational and non-violent means.

If you’ve got some extra time, lots of energy, and a desire for a very different future from the one we seem to be sliding towards, get involved.

Oh, and if you have that “we atheists don’t get involved” thing in your head …

First of all, I think that’s shit. It’s not a carefully reasoned and necessary part of atheism, it’s a remnant of all those years when godders would kill us just for speaking up, much less trying to convince others to abandon religion.

Second, this is not about converting people, it’s about demanding the political power that our segment of society deserves. We’ve been ignored, mistrusted, hated, feared and laughed at …

… but now it’s time we were RESPECTED. Given some say. Allowed to enjoy equal rights to express ourselves, be represented, and given our just portion of time at the podium when decisions are made.

This is it, kids. The next step.

Time to make a difference.

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  • fastlane

    I’m in.

  • Troy Boyle

    Thanks for the kind words. The National Atheist Party celebrates the vision of the founding fathers, who formed this union uniquely with Enlightenment values. We want to see that vision, of a secular and diverse U.S., restored.

    Troy Boyle
    President, National Atheist Party

  • Sithrazer

    Certainly looks interesting and the charter sounds good, in theory. I think I’m going to have to wait and see what kinds of candidates end up being pushed before I say much more than that.

    • Justin

      Or you could get involved now and help determine what kind of candidates end up getting pushed. Just saying…

  • Franck Legrain

    Hi Hank and thank you for your views.
    There are many ways that people can get involved with the NAP, including within the organization itself but they can also join the party on Facebook and join their own state chapters then help spread the word.
    Unlike the Tea Party, we do not have generous billionaire backers and rely on our members to help promote the party. You are doing us an immense favor that is greatly appreciated.
    @ Sithrazer: the candidate being pushed on are very much influenced by the party base. By joining the party, your voice will be heard.

  • shripathikamath

    “We’ve been ignored, mistrusted, hated, feared and laughed at …

    … but now it’s time we were RESPECTED.”

    I want it but would not demand that, for the same reason I do not yield to demands of respect from Christians or Muslims.

    Respect has to be earned. If the NAP can do that, I’ll be pleasantly shocked.

    I think “Atheist rights” will be a big obstacle, since there is really nothing quintessentially atheistic that is being demanded as a right. Simply that the unearned religious privilege that is currently perpetrated in blatant violation of the Constitution be stripped.

    I donated some money today(Confirmation number: 84V78614F4720280E), and as soon as I can change my voter registration to NAP in my state, I’ll probably do so. Not all of the NAP platform matches mine (currently I identify most with the Libertarian party’s), but hey, it is a democracy.

    The biggest problem I see is the lack of major distinctions from other parties’ platform other than having “atheist” in the party name.

    May (y)our endeavors be successful.

  • Bridget G.

    Thank you so much for this blog. You’re brought in a lot of new members!

    • shripathikamath

      And one left already! Thanks to your and Troy’s sanctimony in the California chapter on Facebook, when all one did was ask questions.

      A general sermon on how we should not use the wrong tone, when they cannot even point to any such usage, followed by first an accusation of being a troll, a notpology, and then that of being a sarcastic (asshole) is not a welcome sign.

      Read the fine print folks. “The National Atheist Party does not seek to inhibit the religious practices or beliefs of any group, but is committed to the idea that religious preference is a private matter and has no place in the government or workplace”

      Got that? does not seek to inhibit the religious practices or beliefs of any group

      Which means “thou shalt not diss theists in the slightest”

      Well, another case of misplaced charity is what I have to consider that confirmation number above to be.

      Still learning :-)

      • Justin

        Sorry that happened to you Shripathakamath. I’m sure you know and understand, we have no way in advance of preventing individual members from doing or saying things that go against the grain of what we stand for. I know in the Oregon chapter, we do our best to take down any posts that involve theist bashing as soon as possible. Luckily it hasn’t been much of a problem in our chapter. Again, sorry that happened to you. I hope you will consider the fact that people can be assholes, regardless of what group they belong to, and that those people are not accurately representing what the NAP stands for. I

      • Bridget G.

        Sir, I never called you a troll. I only stated that NAP is not anti-theist and that if you wanted to make posts that *are* anti-theist to do it on another page. We welcome theists that are for the separation of church and state and therefore anti-theistic posts would not be appropriate. I’m sorry that you feel disrespected, that was not my intention. I simply wanted you to be aware that we are not anti-theistic.

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