Post-Hitch Dumbfuckery

Among many others, I read the piece on about Hitch’s death. The comments there and elsewhere have been mainly positive and even reverential, but some crossed over into the nasty.

It’s their right to say such stuff, certainly. But it’s also … revealing, let’s say.

These are verbatim, by the way:

Hopesprings52: “The intellect is a powerful tool but it can only go so far. That’s where faith has to kick in. I believe that those who think their mind has the answers to everything are not only headed for many dead-ends and lots of anxiety, they in a sense turn themselves into God. Hutchens was a professional contrarian – and that too is a type of ideology. Not impressed by him.”

Too bad you couldn’t be bothered to check the spelling of the guy’s name. But thanks for showing how you see “god” in everything. You really reinforce the stereotype of believers.

demNme5: “A sad man, a sad life, and an even sadder belief system!! I don’t know if he could rest in peace unless he pickled himself in enough booze to help that along. Just his backing of the Iraq invasion tells me his moral compass needed some repair. As far as his intellect, I’m not impressed with that UNLESS a person does something GOOD with it!”

Yeah, I wasn’t too thrilled with that Iraq stance either. And I STILL don’t agree with him on it. (But I also know I could be wrong, that he saw the situation with more understanding than I do.)

On the other hand, “sad”?? I’d say he lived his life with rare exuberence. I hope I can achieve a tenth of it.

EDDIELOL45: “There is only one true and living God. Reguardless of what someone else does or how the choose to live, you are a weak minded person to allow what you see in others to deminish your belief in God! There Athiest who are mean and miserable people too! And this man was one of them.

He is athie, she is athier, I am athiest. Mean? Miserable? Ah, I see your problem there. You’re having a problem focusing on the guy because he was bigger than life. Or at least, life as you see it.

EDDIELOL45: “Well now he knows that there is a God!”

Uh … yeah.

gurucarcar: “Ahhh, I find it interesting ABC is allowing atheists to remove believers comments. Such disconnected bullies you are.”

Ha-bloody-ha. Speaking as an atheist, I can tell you that it’s FAR more common that thin-skinned godders will take mortal offense at even mild comments by outspoken atheists, and have them flagged for removal. And ABC typically rolls over like a timid puppy.

azhermit: “Yawn… hutchens, I mean hitchens will be forgotten by the world within 90 days… the creature contributed nothing to humanity except for the babble that is common to all self worshiping nihilists.”

Wait, who are you again? —Actually, I found Hitch’s “babble” to be delightful, funny, and damned enlightening. He increased the level of understanding in the world by witnessing, analyzing, and commenting on subjects with deep insight and rare wit.

I damned sure wish I could have met him.


Is it too early to wonder: Will the concept of the “Four Horsemen of Atheism” now be retired?

Because …

Hey, nobody can be Hitch but Hitch, and he rode a big damned iron-shod fire-snorting stud horse. But if there’s gonna be an empty saddle that needs to be filled, I’d say we boost PZ up there.

"Best to you, Mr. Fox, and for your efforts."

Goodbye Patheos—Hank Fox Bows Out
"All the best, Hank! Your thoughts and words have always given me something to ponder."

Goodbye Patheos—Hank Fox Bows Out

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