Guts and Bugs

Probably more than you wanted to know about intestinal bacteria and toilet flushing, but here are two Jan. 2 articles that coincidentally both spotlight the pathogen Clostridium difficile.

Your Appendix Could Save Your Life

Flushing Can Spread Diarrhea Disease

That second one … Man! Makes me want to use public toilets even less.



  • Pteryxx
  • wilsim


    This does, however, make me feel better about my toilet habits. As a young child I always thought it was unfair that i was always told to put the seat down for the next person. Why shouldn’t the next person to come along use their fucking eyes and observe whether the seat is down or not? Well, since I could never get my two older sisters or my mother to even consider (what i thought was) an actual fair setup, where each person is responsible for their own buttocks and where they sit i just started putting the lid down every single time. That way, everyone has to open their damn eyes and lift the lid up to use the toilet.
    After that mythbusters episode in the early 2000s i just made sure that i was putting the lid on before i flushed every single time.

  • markns
  • Art

    Talking at lunch to the woman in charge of sterilizing instruments at a major hospital and she claimed “nothing is sterile”. We live, breath, work in a sea of germs. It is impossible to sterilize a living human being and the fact that it is humans in and around the clean area means you have to work hard just to keep it clean enough.

    She also claimed that single germs are seldom a problem. Problems crop up when germs are allowed to multiply and set up housekeeping. The two ways to keep pathogenic germs in check are to kill off colonies and/or make sure wherever they land is already colonized with non-pathogenic varieties.

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