The Angry Atheist Podcast, With Special Guest: Me

Today Daniel Fincke of Camels With Hammers introduced me to Reap Paden, of ReapSowRadio and The Angry Atheist. With about 15 minutes advanced notice, I was suddenly on the air being interviewed.

If you listen past my uhs and y’knows, we have a fairly wide-ranging and — I think — interesting discussion. Reap’s a good interviewer, and someone I’m glad I’ve met at last. I enjoyed the experience so much, it felt like we talked for only about 15 minutes.

Worth a listen:

  • grumpyoldfart

    I enjoyed that talk – especially at about the 32 minute mark when you say there definitely are no gods. I feel the same way. I am 100% sure the Tooth Fairy does not exist, and 100% sure that god does not exist.
    If someone says we cannot be 100% sure about anything, I ask them to tell me how much credence they give to the Tooth Fairy’s existence – somehow the subject always gets changed before an answer is given.

  • articulett

    Yes, I loved the Batman analogy. It was a great interview– nice to hear Hank’s voice!

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