The Last, Very Last, End of the World. Ever. No, Really. This One. Srsly.

Oh, crap. I still had so much to do. But now Jesus is coming on May 27.

Ronald Weinland is “God’s Final Witness,” the one man, out of 7 billion of us, who knows that the 7th Seal was opened on Nov 14th, 2008 and that Jesus is to Return May 27th, 2012.

The year 2008 marked the last of God’s warnings to mankind and the beginning in a countdown of the final three and one-half years of man’s self-rule that will end by May 27, 2012.

Eh. I’ll believe it when I see it. Jesus is like your flakey friend who always SAYS he’s going to come over to hang out, but who never actually shows up.

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