Jeez, I Looked Like THAT??

Good news! Well, for me, anyway.

I’ve been invited to do an article for American Atheist Magazine. I just submitted it today, for the March issue.

Part of the thing was a couple of photos I had to send along. Since the piece is about my recent “atheist deals with death” experience, and speaks of my cowboy Dad, the pics were of me and said Dad.

Most of my life, I actually thought I was rather homely, but looking at this pic from 1975, I’m like “Hey, this kid is handsome! That’s ME??”

And here’s the Dad pic, in case you haven’t seen it:

  • Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    Both you and your dad are handsome men.

  • F

    I’m like “Hey, this kid is handsome! That’s ME??”

    Sure. And you’re a damn fine-looking gent now. Love the beard.

    I’m glad you have a magazine article being published. Kudos!

  • carolw

    Very few men looked good in the 70′s. Y’all did. :)

  • random

    If the second pic is of your dad on the right, with his arm over your shoulder, then I have to say that you are indeed homely. ;)

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