Behind the scenes here at FreethoughtBlogs, in between bouts of hot tub bacchanalia and assorted inebriated goings-on, there’s talk of a redesign of FTB Logo 1.0.

I already know what *I* want. But knowing these rational types …

We’ll probably end up with something practical. And, you know, legal.

  • Cuttlefish

    Moar Tentacles!

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    No, the logo should be softer, less threatening, more gentle. Something more like this.

  • davidct

    With the burning stupid flaming out of his head he looks too much like a christian apologist. Something about the hands looks christian to.

  • ttch

    The “FTB” shoved-together letter logo is pretty ugly. Also, what’s with the typewriter-with-the-worn-ribbon “freethought blogs.com” underneath it and elsewhere in the main page art? Looks like some old mimeographed ‘zine, like those that used to be distributed by conspiracy theorists.

    I like Rodin’s Thinker but it’s overused. The Darwin picture implies evolution which these blogs support but really don’t talk about much (excepting PZ). The atheist “A”, an asterisk, the FSM, the brain… Eh. Lose ‘em all.

    Instead of so much art heading the main page, why not a simple definition of “free thought”?

    And/or some good head shots of the main blog contributors?

    Maybe one small and vivid color image–even a moving .gif–for the main page, at the left of the rest of the bar, a reduced version of which to appear in the browser tabs. The tab thing is important.

    Good luck!

  • http://www.richardcarrier.info/ Richard Carrier

    Why not ask the copyright holder if we can use it? The worst they’ll say is no; yes, it’s probably a corporation, who probably won’t greenlight it, or only for obscene amounts of cash, but in the immortal words of Jack Burton, “you never know til you try.” I think it would be funny to get the no. You could even frame it. :-)

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