Gives Reason Rally Fantastic Coverage!

Just kidding.

In fact, the Reason Rally does not even appear on the ABC News front page.

Just got home from the Rally, and an after-event dinner including several FtB bloggers. I want to do several quick posts on the Rally later today and tonight, but I thought I’d make a quick check of my news links to see what we got.

For ABC News, continuing coverage of the Travon Martin murder was today’s top headline, a news decision I pretty much agree with.

Other than that, nothing.

Sure, it’s difficult to fault them for failing to include the, you know, largest gathering in history of intelligent freethinkers – I mean, considering the shortage of electrons and photons to produce online news stories.

The following stories are included in the roster of pressing news coverage, all considered critically more important – by ABC News, anyway – than Reason Rally:

Michelle Bachman says party will unify behind nominee
Pope arrives in Cuba on Monday
Rick Santorum calls unions “bullies”
Top 5 allergy mistakes
Top 5 new gadgets of the week.
Dick Cheney recovering from heart transplant
‘Mad Men’ stars and their real lives
Tori Spelling pregnant with fourth child
All-diamond ring valued at $70 million
‘Mad Men’ Women: Betty vs. Megan
Six Things Karl Lagerfeld Hates
Kim Kardashian Gets Floured on Red Carpet
Third ‘Hangover’ Coming Next Year
‘Idol’ Recap: Erika Van Pelt Sent Home
Argument Over Hairdo Ends In Gunfire
Giant Brawl Erupts Over Stolen Phone

  • niftyatheist

    well shit, Hank! I got all excited there for a minute!!

  • 8-bit

    “Dick Cheney recovering from heart transplant”

    Wait! Dick Cheney had a heart!
    I, for one, would not have guessed that.

  • Hank Fox

    Facebook gems on Cheney:

    Cheney Receives Heart Transplant; Bush Still on Waiting List for Brain.

    On the plus side, someone got to cut out Dick Cheney’s heart.

    Finally freed from its prison of pure evil, Dick Cheney’s heart was last seen at a petting zoo in Minnesota. Witnesses said it seemed happy, relaxed, and upbeat (see what I did there?) about the future.

  • lordshipmayhem

    Does this make Dick Cheney the longest living heart donor?

    I still have not a clue as to what Kim K did to get so famous, and someone decided to use her to protest… something. Probably, to protest nothing.

    Either that, or she asked for five roses, and the assistant went out and bought Five Roses Flour…

  • Grammar Merchant

    I was appalled at the apparent blackout of this event by the mainstream news. Aside from a handful of news organs who posted up pre-event pieces or generalized accounts, it seems most news agencies stayed away in droves. I picked up my Sunday Los Angeles Times this morning, hoping to see at least a four-inch column giving a nod to the largest gathering of atheists and secularists in American history. No joy. Instead, I got a story about the huge turnout in Mexico to hear the latest magic spells spoken by Herr Ratzinger, and I was treated to an op-ed piece by a theologian trying to re-frame the downturn in religious affiliation in the U.S. as some sort of call for a new kind of church. But the Reason Rally? Nah. Shame on the Times.

  • baal

    Well, coverage on that cell phone issue is a huge deal! And hairdos! That’s not filler, no. Wth. The planners should have had a side table for the teaparty, had 2 of them show up and then tell the MSM that the teaparty was rallying in support of reason.

  • Emile Shiver

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