Daily Show: The Perils of Science

It’s a video sort of day. This is just too fantastically good for every person on Earth not to see. Aasif Mandvi does the deed.

Beta Culture: Being Grownups on Planet Earth
The Book of Good Living: How to Avoid Being Killed By A Train
#DeathTweets (repost)
Actual Proof There Is No God
  • Luna_the_cat

    Here is what makes this not funny: that I have family members who do not regard this thing as a satire at all. They have exactly these beliefs and attitudes for real. These elitist scientists are trying to take “common sense” and “choice” away from the people, and tell people what the “truth” is, and it’s something that only “other scientists” can check on! How can you possibly believe them! They are trying to scam people, obviously! …And this at the same time as “warrior moms” and faith healers are seen as normal, reliable sources of information.

    And this is not believed ironically, or with any awareness of how they might be missing the point…. No, the problem is that “science” is an elitist black box that tells them things they don’t want to hear and can’t understand, and it is therefore suspect, and probably evil.

    The satire here is real for too many. Cuts close to the bone, this.

  • Stacy


  • Randomfactor

    At least she realizes that Republicans and Americans are non-intersecting sets.

  • Katkinkate

    I agree Luna, it’s scary that some people don’t see the irony and what’s worse is there is little anyone can do to change their minds. Any attempt to educate them about science is just seen as an attack.

  • Timberwoof

    Someone challenged my belief in heliocentrism and demanded to know how there could be 100% proof of that when 1/3 of the world’s scientists accepted geocentrism. I presented four independent lines of evidence for heliocentrism … and even though I refrained from calling them ignorant, I was called insufferably rude.

    If I had to explain us to aliens, I’m not sure what I’d tell them. The truth, probably: some of us get it, but a whole lot of us still live in a demon-haunted world.

    • Craig Pennington

      … when 1/3 of the world’s scientists accepted geocentrism.

      WTF? Whence came this little factoid? You are a better person than I am — when confronted with such abject ignorance I am always nonplussed.

      • ‘Tis Himself

        You have to remember that 38.14% of all statistics are made up.

  • Lurker

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA This video autoplays when I go to your blog and it’s really really really loud.

    • Hank Fox


      Really sorry about that. I hate it when I go to other sites and things start playing automatically.

  • suresh

    I just wonder why the word “elite” is so bad ?
    Ohh, it is the colloquial sense which is derogatory, not the actual meaning.

    Let me ask this, does these following sounds bad ?

    ” US Army Special Forces : An elite combat force ”
    ” US Army 101 Airbone Division : An elite force unit ”

    I think this is the problem with the word “Elite ” :

    Elite : a group of people considered (by others or themselves) to be the best in a particular society or category, esp. because of their power, talent, or wealth: the wealthy, educated elite | [ as modifier ] : an elite combat force. [ Ref;- Oxford Dictionary ]

    The power and Wealth, that’s the problem for most. But for that matter, talented are ridiculed ?

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