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With apologies to B. Kliban (and women everywhere), this is how I picture it will be when Richard Dawkins comes to the Reason Rally in Washington, DC, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on March 24th.

There will also be a fantastic slate of other speakers and performers — including a couple of my co-bloggers here at FtB — making it a total atheist joygasm.

I’m working to get there myself, somewhat handicapped by job schedule and money. I THINK I’m going to make it — but it’s going to be by driving all night and arriving exhausted.

There are some people I already know will be there (Camels With Hammers‘ Daniel Fincke!), bloggers and such whom I hope to meet, and my tentative plan is to meet up with them at the statue of Joseph Henry in front of Smithsonian Castle on the Mall, just before things start at 10 a.m.

I’ve been told the stage is going to be set up “between Madison Dr NW and Jefferson Drive SW, to the west of 12th St NW” and that’s a short walk from the Castle. There’s also a DC Metro station right under the Castle, so that’s a plus.

I’ve also just been informed that I’m hopelessly naive in thinking President Obama might just step out briefly to greet the massed freethinkers, but — as I informed the guy who said that — Hey, you’re talking to someone who still wears a cowboy hat!

(Ed, if any member of the Obama family shows up, I going to expect you to buy me dinner at the after-meet.)

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    Hey, you’re talking to someone who still wears a cowboy hat!

    I note that the bearded guy molesting the dog shown in the banner is wearing a ball cap. Must be someone else.

    • Hank Fox

      Hey! I’ll have you know that dog thanked me, and left $10 on the nightstand!

      (That’s Pal, the dog of some cowboy friends in California, in a pic from about 2006. He’s gone now.)

  • Emu Sam

    I considered driving. I looked at the cost of gas to drive one way. It was cheaper to buy a two-way train ticket.

  • Ray, rude-ass yankee

    I am totally planning to go! A group of folks from one of my jobs, a five or six hour drive through the wee hours of Saturday morning, six or so hours of secular/humanistic/atheistic chaos, then drive home. Yee Haw!

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