Babies. Lemons.

Ah, if only we had this instinctive reaction the first time we were spoonfed the family religion …

Also: I still have this same sort of reaction when I bite into a lemon.

  • ‘Tis Himself

    Before you put a baby in the oven, instead of the traditional stuffing, put a couple of lemons in the abdominal cavity. They’ll split and give the meat a very pleasant tart flavor.

    This also works with turkeys and other roasting birds.

  • Steinar

    Their reactions made me grin. Very fitting with pictures of babies in all this spring ritualism. Outside my window snow is falling and the spring is on hold for now…

  • Steinar

    Also, lemons are tasty. Dogma are not, though often ridiculous. Whatever brings a smile to one’s face, I guess… :)

  • Paul Hunter

    Pucker up!

  • Tenebras

    Hey, I liked lemons when I was a little kid. ;P Well, maybe not THIS little, but I was a weird kid… I even liked brussel sprouts! (but only with cheese sauce.)

    However, I never really liked religion. Hmm…. coincidence?!

    • ‘Tis Himself

      I even liked brussel sprouts!

      Did your parents keep saying, “There’s something wrong with this kid!”?

  • Elouise Roehrich

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  • PocketWocket

    A lemon wedge (from my uncle’s water glass) was my first solid food.
    I loved it.
    But maybe I’m a mutant or something.

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