Ebola and Gonorrhea on Sale!

Science nerd alert!

Yes, now YOU can enjoy deadly disease microbes in the privacy of your own home!

From the commonality of the Cold virus or the season delights of the Flu to the exotic pleasures of Rabies, Syphilis, or even that sensational destroyer, Flesh Eating Disease, these pettable petri dish poxes will bring hours of eww! to you and your friends.

And they’re on sale.

Where else? ThinkGeek.

This Christmas, I’m giving someone Hepatitis.

  • http://ms-daisy-cutter.dreamwidth.org/ Ms. Daisy Cutter, Gynofascist in a Spiffy Hugo Boss Uniform

    Been done.

    Isn’t syphilis adorable?

  • TX_secular

    Check out the Giant Microbes page for the entire line of cooties:


    BTW:: I have no affiliation with the company I’m just a bio nerd.

  • Arkady

    I got Hepatitis C for xmas a couple of years back. It’s snuggly :-)

    Heard of geek couples giving each other the clap for Valentines Day too!

  • http://sciencenotes.wordpress.com/ Markita Lynda—it’s Spring after the Winter that wasn’t

    Thank goodness! For a minute I thought you meant real ones.

    We have a Cold Virus.

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