Murderous Purple Panda Terrifies Terrified Children

Sorry, can’t help but laugh at this. ABC News reports on an incident at Pennsylvania’s Center in the Woods preschool.

“Mr. McFeely” (the name alone made me laugh; sounds more like a Catholic preschool character), apparently a delivery man on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, introduces the kids to special guest Purple Panda. As the costumed character enters the room, Panda-monium breaks out: The kids scream and run.

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  • Rev. BigDumbChimp

    Why is mr. mcfeely wearing combat boots?

  • Dexeron

    I feel bad for laughing, but I can’t help it.

    Makes me miss Mr. Rogers. His was one of the first shows to talk to kids on their own level, without condecension, acknowleging that there’s nothing wrong with being sad, or angry from time to time, and actually trying to introduce ideas of diversity and acceptance of kids with disabilities or just who were different. I know it’s become trendy to make fun of his somehwat dated presentation and the soft spoken innocence of his character, but he was such a cool guy, a believer who didn’t make a big show of his faith or try to proselytize, but who did an admirable job trying to teach respect for kids’ feelings in a time when it was still fashionable to act as if children didn’t have any.

    But yea, that purple panda thing was pretty funny. ;)

    • Charles Sullivan

      I concur.

  • Aliasalpha

    Haha it’d freak me out too.

    Actually it kinda reminds me of the start of this episode of The Adventures Of Lano & Woodley

  • Grumps

    My son always freaked out at those people dressed up. I understand it. They are fucking creepy. Disneyland would have been his nightmares come real. We never went.

  • Leslie

    My brother-in-law is the same body type and has the same quiet manner as Mr. Rogers. My niece, his daughter, thought that he was Mr Rogers…that he went to work to be Mr. Rogers for a living.

    I was terrified of people in costume as a kid. It wasn’t the costume though. It was that my shy self would be expected to interact with the character. I would cringe if there was a department store Santa in any store we went into.

    Oddly enough, my kids were fine at Disney World. They approached all the characters from the age of 3 on up.

  • baal

    I’m with the kids. I might have started when the imagined postal worker suit walked in though.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Maybe it’s the colour. After all, purple is the colour of Tinky Winky. Maybe the kids are worried about catching Teh Gey.

  • Art

    Some guy in suit, postal no less, and a purple version of what appears to be pedo-bear show up in a preschool …

    It’s like the start of a very, very bad joke.

    What next? Was the zombie of John Wayne Gacy dressed up as Pogo the Clown unavailable due to a previous engagement?

    The kids reaction to such creepiness is entirely appropriate.

    Can’t get away with that down here in Florida. The teacher would have stepped out and dispatched both of the creeps with a shotgun as allowed under the stand your ground law. In any of the smaller towns she would then be given a parade where the miscreants heads were proudly displayed on pikes carried in formation directly behind the color guard.

    The whole town would follow the parade down to the baseball field where they would have a bonfire and, in a solemn and heartfelt ceremony, a collectively sworn blood oath to never speak of the creeps again. After which the heads would be burned to ash and the back of local undertaker’s hearse opened revealing great quantities of strong drink. The town would go on a day-long bender. Nobody would say a thing about what was done that day and when a string of births coincided with this date by nine month knowing looks would be exchanged but silence prevail.

    • Suresh

      What the F’ing wrong with you ? And your handle name is Art ?
      If you people think these are really freaking offensive, gosh, you people surely raising your kids as freaking coward.
      If your kids cries, fine , take them away, there is no freaking sad about this, this is freaking normal, gosh, go to the rest of the world, see how kids growing up in the real world, they don’t have the privileage to grow watching McFeely or panda, or having privileage of a some freaking stupid mom or dad like Art. Gosh, grow up.

      If couple of kids cried , then all of sudden for you people purple panda is the creepiest ? Take the purple panda to the corners of Africa, or slams of India, and see how kinds are reacting, those kinds are not growing up and brandishing guns like what you people do in Florida.

      Grow up people.

      • Boz Haug


  • BrianX

    In all fairness, Purple Panda was one of the single weirdest characters in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe – spoke in a robotic monotone and didn’t look quite cartoonish enough to make it out of the uncanny valley. Probably why you didn’t see him much.

  • Steve

    The cousin pedobear doesn’t want to talk about

  • larrycenter

    my two daughters now 36 & 17 watched MR Rogers as toddlers with me. I recall Fred “introduced” children to guests coming into the “tv” room. McFeely hardly introduced this costumed Panda oaf at all & his wearing combat boots is in stark contrast to Rogers changing his dress leathers into soft sneakers. Putting little kids on tv is very vulnerable & this recent clip is proof the gentle hand of Fred Rogers is sorely missed. Children need to be respected & consent negotiated for new arrivals into their spaces. Duh. This idiot McFeeley just keeps on talking instead of apologizing instantly for scaring the scampering little ones.

    • suresh

      Seriously ? Gosh, why you people making this as like world’s creepiest ever crime ? Your kids won’t have heart attack or nightmare for this, few kids got scared ? then take them out, are you gonna rise your kids without not even silly things scaring them out ? Go out and see the rest of the world, how kids are growing stronger and have good perspective about the world, for this simple and silliest scary thing, your kid won’t live in fear for the rest of their life.
      You are dumb and idiotic than McFeely.

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